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At Sunset

  I waited for you by our tree On the hill watching The sun set lighting the clouds on fire, One glorious explosion Before day yields to night And hides The tears on my face that fall When you don’t show, Or say goodbye.


A Dedication To A Friend

I’m cutting right through to the chase today. Allergies have cursed me with the mother of all allergy curses, the migraine. So, here is my Blogging A to Z (letter H) and NaPoWriMo response (write a calligram-a visual poem). This is dedicated to my very lovely, sweet friend Lizzi whom I...


Definitely NOT the Ballroom Blitz

Hey everyone. How are you? I’m doing ok today. Still feeling a bit down but I think I’ve finally reconciled my feelings and we’ll see where it takes me. Let’s get into today’s poetry challenge, shall we? We’re writing about being late, and the anxiety and stress that creates. The suggested poetic...

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