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    It Happened Again

    Hi guys. Sorry for the radio silence. Once again JetPack and my host server had an argument and one decided to take my blog prisoner and hold it for ransom. I finally got it back last night when my host server decided to give JetPack permission to work again. Alright, so maybe it sounds more like a union strike. Either way, I was unable to access my blog until now. So Hi!!!!!! How are you? I’ve missed you all so much. 🙂 On the upside, the break has given me a bit of a rest and I’m beginning to feel like writing again. I’ve been poeming over at The Well…

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    When Modesty Forces You To Eat Your Own Words

    Remember these? Buttons/lapel pins/whatever you want to call them, they were popular back in the day. I had a few. Still have some of them. One of my favorites was this one that said “My charm, beauty, and honesty are only exceeded by my modesty.” It was my favorite because it was funny, and kind of true. I was often told that I was too modest because I had/have a hard time accepting praise for my accomplishments. Yesterday I posted to Facebook a picture of the sweater I made for myself. I’ve been working on it most of December and I finally finished it this past weekend. I had to…

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    Oh, The Irony

    In case you are wondering, my head does feel better today. The headache is now just a small throb that I only feel if I move too fast. So, I’m going to move slow and take it easy today. And it’s a good thing because today’s challenges made me stop and go “hmm.” (Now I want to hear that song-damn earworms.) So, as you know, Blogging A to Z has us using the letters of the alphabet to write a post and we do this every day in April except Sundays. (26 letters in the alphabet, 30 days in April minus Sundays-26 days of posts). I am taking part in…

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    A Monday Morning Aubade

    Good Monday everyone! Hope you had a lovely holiday weekend. For those of you who are still celebrating because you are fortunate enough to live in an area where they still give Mondays off for the holiday, be quiet and don’t brag. No one likes a boaster. 😉 I’ve made it to Day 5 of Blogging A to Z and Day 6 of NaPoWriMo (this may get confusing at some point). The last three NaPoWriMo prompts were definitely challenging, I have to admit. Writing a fourteener, a “love”-less love poem, and deconstructing/reconstructing an existing poem-I seriously considered NOT doing the prompt. But, I went through each one and whether or…

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    The “Love”-less Love Poem

    Evening everyone. Sorry I’m late posting. Easter weekend means I had no time today to work on my post until now. A to Z Challenge is D and NaPoWriMo’s challenge was to write a “love”-less love poem. We weren’t supposed to use the traditional ways of writing  about love or use the word love at all. We could also write a break-up poem but again, avoid words we’d normally use to describe it. Now, because I’m late I could have copped out on this one and posted a poem I wrote a year ago that is both a “love”-less poem and began with the letter D. But I didn’t. Instead,…

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    Blogging A to Z: Day 1

    Yay! I’m a llama again!!! (I use this line from The Emperor’s New Groove a lot.) After waiting all day, I have finally been able to log in and access my blog! That means I can post my challenge response. So, let’s get right to it.   As I said yesterday, for my theme I am combining both my NaPoWriMo and A to Z challenges. For NaPoWriMo we were supposed to write a poem of negation (one where the subject is not like something else), and today’s A to Z Challenge is the letter A, of course. The poem that resulted is below. My A word is apple. The poem…

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    Breaking News!! My Challenge Reveals

        I’ve got it!!! I know what my theme will be for my Blogging A to Z Challenge! I am going to combine my two challenges!!! Yes, I am doing TWO challenges for April. I am doing the Blogging A to Z challenge with CJ. She did it last year and it was a blast reading her posts. Especially since blogging every day is a challenge in itself for her. So, I’m happy to see her joining it again this year. I was supposed to be doing PoMoSco which is Poetry Month Scouts from The Found Poetry Review but I never received a confirmation email or anything from them.…

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    It’s a new blog! The Birth of the Twisted Writers

    I promised you something big and here it is:   It’s the birth of a new writing blog created by a group of people I met a year ago and enjoy being around. The core members of my writing group got together in January and decided it was high time we created a group blog. We thought it would help to keep us honest (in other words, keep us writing) and get our creative juices flowing. The six of us have been meeting every couple of weeks and working on what our goals for it were, where we see it leading us, and generally hoping to pay-it-forward the help and…

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    Breaking News!!!!

    Tomorrow, my lovelies, is a VERY special day. I don’t know if the sun will come out but a new blog will debut. I am dying to give you more information but upon pain of listening to really bad stories I am keeping mum. All will be revealed at 8 a.m. central standard time tomorrow. Check back then to see what all the fuss is about. xo Jesi +1-1

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    One Lovely Blog Award

    Last night I received a tweet from my good friend CJ over at DYSB Writing. CJ and I know each other in person. Like, she lives about five minutes by car away from me. I can literally walk to her house in 30 minutes. Ten months ago I didn’t even know she existed, and now, I can’t begin to think of how much joy she has brought to my life just by being in it. She’s soft-spoken and soft-hearted. She is kindness itself. I haven’t really heard from her lately because both her life (she has three boys-one set of twins to be exact) and my life (I have four…