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    I Fell For It…Again

    I am so gullible. Naive even. I truly believed I wouldn’t fall for it, no matter what they did, no matter what they said. But my own nature betrayed me, so now it’s official. I have entered NaPoWriMo’s April Poetry challenge. My house is completely upside down right now. Chez Lunatic is indeed moving and half of my belongings, and my family’s, are in one place, and the rest in another. But I do have internet so I’m not completely off the grid, though it was a close thing let me tell ya. My two elder kids nearly lost it. I mean, seriously. If the Zombie Apocalypse happened today they…

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    A New Beginning For Him

    Today is the day I have always held in my heart with a little fear, concern, and a lot of apprehension. It came too soon, and while I’ve always known it would come, I’m still not prepared. But I don’t think I ever would have been. Today, my oldest son is 18, a legal adult, and still one of the loves of my life. I won’t get to spend it with him, unfortunately. But what mom does not let that stop her from wishing him all the love in her heart on this special day? I started at midnight texting him birthday memes, and have continued throughout the day. And…

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    I Keep Saying This Lately

    I know I keep apologizing for the lack of posts lately but I am truly sorry for not writing. Having 3-4 kids at home for summer vacation is a terrible inconvenience in the writing (and work) sector of my life. I’m very certain once they go back to school and a more stable schedule is back in place I will be able to get back to writing and posting every day. So, until then let’s scrap the normal blog schedule and I just post what I can when I can. How would that be for everyone? Great! I did go to see The Tempest Friday night and loved it! It…

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    My Birthday Gift To You

    I had a fantastic day yesterday, not because it was my birthday, but because I was able to share it with people I care about who care about me. My new friends and old, my family, and my kids, they all came together and showed me how much I was loved. I am still getting happy tears in my eyes when I think about this. There is so much I could share with you from yesterday. I could talk about how my friend Amber remembered, and is planning a small get together for this weekend. I haven’t had someone care enough to do something like this for me for my birthday…

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    A Very Merry Unbirthday To You!

    Today is my birthday, which means, my lovelies, that it’s your unbirthday! And as queen today I make the rules. 1. There will be singing. 2. There will be dancing. 3. Drinking is encouraged, (with some common sense, people). 4. You will have fun or I will torment you. 5. Gifts for everyone! Hope you have a great day! 00

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    This past Sunday we celebrated the Tornado’s third birthday. We didn’t spend a lot of money on it, didn’t buy a lot of presents, and it was just us. And yet, he was happy. At this age it really isn’t about the quantity of gifts or how many people are there. Ryan doesn’t care how much money is spent on him. What is important to him was that he got a new Thomas the Train play set(big fans here at Chez Lunatic-especially Ryan whose first name is actually Thomas) and a big red ball. He also got a Land Before Time dvd and a new LeapFrog cartridge for his LeapPad…

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    Happy Celebrations!

    Firstly, Happy Easter, everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day today. This day is a big one here at Chez Lunatic because we are celebrating two holidays: Easter and the Tornado’s 3rd Birthday. We’ve already had our egg hunt, dinner is in the crock pot cooking away, the cake is cooling so it can be frosted, and presents are hidden so the Tornado doesn’t make a mess before dinner. I think it’s pretty awesome to be celebrating his birthday today. He and I are the only two in our small family to have birthdays on holidays. (Mine falls on Mother’s Day (U.S.) every few years.) Secondly, I’d like…

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    Happy Birthday Jonathan, aka Jack

    Note: Sorry this is posting late. My laptop is having problems with the battery so I had to wait until I could get to my desktop computer. I also apologize on the picture heavy content. Jessica Today is this kid’s birthday: Nine years ago today he looked like this: Jack came into my life at a point when I had lost my joy. He makes me smile when no one else can. He is funny and bright and sharp as a tack. He was the best baby out of all four of my kids. He rarely had to be told twice not to do something, and he was rarely ever…