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When A Joke Becomes A Serious Thing 9

When A Joke Becomes A Serious Thing

I’m not even going to try and explain today’s poetry prompt. Click the link and go read about it. All I can say is Billy Collins has a wicked sense of humor, and yes, I did the prompt. Well, except for the subject but I’m not sure there is a subject....


Friday’s Features: Poetry 180 and The Pink Car

When I began looking at what I wanted to blog about today I really didn’t have anything specific in mind. I didn’t even have a poem I particularly felt like sharing. You see, in two days the one year anniversary of my dad’s death will arrive and I have been trying...


Suddenly, There Was a Blog Post

It’s a cloudy day here at the asylum (my new nickname for home). It’s the third cloudy day and the second with no rain. I’m not really complaining because I happen to like cloudy days. They make my allergies feel much better, and it’s cooler than it was. Tomorrow it’s due...


Lots of Writing Here

The last 24 hours has actually seen quite a bit of writing going on. I started reading Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens, and something I read in there sparked an idea. I started a story a little while ago that I titled The Faerie’s Tale. I posted a snippet...


Look! It’s a book…in a tree!

Yes, I am  trying to distract you all. I have nothing to write today. All has been quiet on the western front the past couple of days. The most fun thing I’ve done is go to the library, which for me is quite a lot of fun actually. I get lost...

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