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Let There Be Light 7

Let There Be Light

Illumination By Jesi Scott “What do you see when you look at me” I wrote that, once upon a time, And here I am asking those words again because You underestimate me still; And I continue to Prove you wrong. I’m no transformer who can save the world But there’s more...



Today I get Real and Personal over on Hastywords. She was kind enough to post my #BeReal and what that means to me. It was hard to talk about and under normal circumstances, I don’t open up to people to this extent. But some things need to be heard, and I...

#BeReal by Hastywords 2

#BeReal by Hastywords

Hastywords, a blog acquaintance and very sweet lady, has begun a blog series called #BeReal. It’s an incredible series being written about and spoken of by many bloggers on the interwebs. It’s about being who you are, whomever that might be, and learning not to judge others. It’s about realizing that...

There Are Girls In My House 3

There Are Girls In My House

My best friend, Laura, and her brood plus one friend, are visiting from Chicago. That means I have five extra people in my house. That also means I am not outnumbered now. There are a total of five females here, and my boys are happy about this. Every single one of...

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