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    In the Mirror

      When once again into this life comes someone who leads us into ourselves and exposes the truth we shun,   We have a tendency to run And hide, fearing we Aren’t good enough and deserve the mockery We know will come at our expense.   Until we dispense With these inaccurately perceived notions And learn to see the loveliness within We lose out on so many sweet emotions.   So don’t be afraid; you need to see the picture clearer When next someone shows you the beauty in the mirror. 00

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    I had meant to include this with my earlier post.   I Am ENOUGH By Jessica Scott     I may not be tall or thin. I may not be beautiful in that supermodel way. I may not have mountains for breasts, And my legs may not work, In fact, I may not have legs or arms at all.     My face might be disfigured, And I might have to wear glasses. My teeth could be crooked, And my hair might be missing. My nose might be too Large, wide, pointy, bumpy, short… I might not speak correctly.     I may be Big-boned, Big-headed, Big-footed, Just plain big.…

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    The Jekyll & Hyde Effect: What Do You Really See?

    Warning: Pic heavy post and a long one. I had a lot to say. This subject has actually been on my mind a lot lately. And no, I am NOT brave for doing this. I want others to know that I understand and to say that I love you as you are.    I sat down to write a post for you this morning but I had trouble thinking of somethng I really wanted to write about. I browsed Twitter for a while, then I checked my blog comments. I clicked on one I had checked last night because I had checked it on my phone, not my computer which…