Still Working On Things

Alright, my Lunatics! I have been working hard all night on getting the blog running correctly. I still have quite a bit more to do, but mostly it’s just going back through each post and re-entering each picture. I think I’ve figured out what was wrong with the pictures not showing up. I went back through my media gallery and I’m missing quite a few pics so I am going to have to go into each post and add the picture back into my media gallery. That’s going to take some time and I’ll work on that off and on during the week. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get pictures this week. If next week you are still having problems seeing pictures in the posts, please check with me. I am really liking the look. It seems cleaner to me. There’s not so much to distract. Hope y’all like it as much as I am right now.

As for what I have been waiting to tell you all, well, I am rather excited about it. Last week I received an email that at first, I have to admit, I thought might have been spam or a joke. I had to re-read the email five times before it hit me that it was real. I had won an autographed cd by Michael Des Barres! THE Michael Des Barres! The one and only who I have already posted about on one of my Friday Features (check out his website-looks like he’s updated his site as well). I also have to admit I have been figuratively holding my breath to see if it was really true. Well, today I opened my mailbox and this was waiting for me inside an envelope:



The minute I saw the envelope, I also have to admit, I did squeal a little bit. It really did make my day. And since the last time I won anything was when I was in 2nd Grade (a Superman movie poster-he’s still my favorite), well, yeah…you could say I was a little bit excited. I really did go into my house and pour myself a glass of iced tea (I was out of milk so no hot tea) and put the cd into my laptop. Then I remembered…my laptop speakers don’t work. SIGH! Oh well, that’s ok. I ripped it into my library and added it to my cell phone. And that’s how I roll. *wink*

The other item I wanted to tell you about is how I found this book:


over the weekend at the Half Price flagship bookstore in Dallas. I went there originally to buy this book of sonnets I saw the last time I was there (about three weeks ago, and it was still there), and while I was looking for other books of poetry I found this nestled in among the other books. It was out of place as it is supposed to be in the Collectible books section. The title is Lyrics of Love of Hearth & Home and Field and Garden, and the copyright is from 1901. The poet is Margaret E. Sangster (obviously-but how else am I supposed to link to some information on her, I ask you?). The book felt so right in my hands, and despite the look of the cover, the book is in very good condition. It was only $20 (U.S.), and I couldn’t pass it by. I love old books. And this one is just wonderful. My favorite poem so far is titled Silent Friends, and I may just make that this Friday’s featured poem. Happy accidents are great, aren’t they?

Another book that made me laugh out loud and startle the man who was also looking in the poetry section was this one:


This is a book of poetry and fiction about Barbie! Everything is on pink, and I do mean pink (think Pepto Bismol), paper. I may go back in two weeks and see if it’s still there and pick it up. I looked through it and some of it was hilarious!

So, there you have it, Lunatics! That’s what I had to tell you. Some of it I think is pretty darn cool, while that Barbie book is just funny!

Anyway, I hope you had a great Monday!

xo Jesi