Stella, bella stella…

Stella, bella stella…

I know, I know. I’m so behind. Busy life, I tell ya, so I’m playing catch up again. Four poems, one at a time, coming your way. Please forgive me. But I promise, it’s going to calm down soon. October is almost done and November will be here this weekend. One more football game/marching band performance for me and my family and then things calm way the heck down. Thankfully. So, let’s get caught up on poems.

Day 23 prompt:

It’s all around, forest fires start from sparks, oceans are made of water drops. (There I go again with my element loving) but look around and take a moment to observe how the clothes you wear are made of tiny threats and the vastness of the sky. Try to count some of the billions of stars outside at night and realize that most of those are bigger than the sun, and there’s SO many of them. But you’re not just this tiny speck in space, you are a beautiful combination of tiny pieces of matter put together in a truly unique way.

Today I encourage you to think about those things as you write your poem of the day.

I took this picture last week while I was waiting with my Zombie Hunter son for his bus to the Undead Creature Training Class (ahem, fifth grade).



This is Venus with Jupiter just beneath her and Mars (faintly) beneath Jupiter. I loved the juxtaposition of the sight. Venus, the smaller planet, looking bigger and brighter than Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Then Mars, smaller than Venus and further away from Earth, looking even smaller than the massive planet which is further from us than Mars. And then their names, Jupiter God-Father of all the Roman gods and goddesses, and Mars-God of War, beneath Venus, the Goddess of Love. Jupiter, Father of All/Greatest of Gods, bows and kneels, and War is as nothing next to Love.

xo Jesi


As I Wait For the Sun to Rise

By Jesi Scott


In the vastness of the indigo heaven

Venus shines,

Brighter than Jupiter and Mars,

Which bow to her radiance,

And all the stars in the sky

Twinkle in homage to her beauty.


Her incandescence sparks awe

As I, alone in the sleeping world,

Marvel at how small I am in the grand tapestry

Of a universe which can turn a small planet,

Named for the goddess of Love,

Into a diamond that sparkles and glows

And gives hope to a world

full of lightning and war.

7 Replies to “Stella, bella stella…”

  1. Biggest in our solar system, yes, but in our galaxy? We don’t even know all the other stellar systems in it! This said, the poem is magnificent! I *love* it 😉

    1. Ack…solar system is what I meant. My brain was on fast forward. Thank you for catching that and I will fix it pronto. 😉

    1. I love the morning sky before the sun rises.I noticed yesterday that Jupiter had taken his normal place above Venus but she still shines brighter. ☺

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