Something To Think About Today


The Homeless

By Jessica Scott


North winds blow winter’s chill across a bleak and dreary landscape.

Trees bereft of leaves bear small resemblance to their grand summer counterparts,

looking more like stick figure apparitions with moaning countenances.

Still, I love the cold and otherworldly beauty in the seeming death of nature.

There’s hope hidden in every hibernating leaf bud, the promise of spring

in evergreen bushes.


As I gaze through frost-painted windows, warm in my nest with

a cup of tea at hand, I watch the small brown birds that live in

the holly on the other side of the glass pane huddle together

and I wonder why I never stopped to think of their discomfort.

A simple shelter lined with wool, birdseed to ease their hunger,

something to keep the chill out of their bodies, and hearts.


But it isn’t too late to make a difference for them, and so I begin

pulling out materials to get them through the winter,

my homeless birds that aren’t so homeless after all.

7 comments on “Something To Think About Today”

  1. Hi Jessica. Winter is so bleak for me. A reminder that even the birds make it through was very necessary for me today. Thank you.

    1. Jesi says:

      You’re welcome. This came more from watching two homeless men on Christmas Eve than from watching birds. I was blessed to see true compassion that night. One of the men was teaching the other how far it was from the curb of the sidewalk to the parking lot because the other homeless man was blind. It made me sad because while I have a roof over my head and I had enough food to eat that’s all I have. I had no money to give them and no way of getting food to them. It made me think about what would I sacrifice for someone else. I’d sacrifice for my kids and my family, practically anything. But others? And what would others sacrifice for me? How many people even know we’re on the brink of being homeless ourselves? Thankfully, we’ve been making it through but still, the threat is there. And so this is about that. But I am truly glad it helped you in a completely different way. I love that poetry is subjective this way.

      1. Oh, I didn’t take it literally — I assumed it was about homeless people. It just struck me the other way as well. Your metaphor was double-edged.

        1. Jesi says:

          It was, wasn’t it. Either way, I’m glad it helped you. 🙂

      2. Dawn D says:

        I am truly sorry to read of your struggles. I know the feeling myself, though not in the same manner as you. And I’m grateful to know that I have enough to see me through a while longer.
        Sending hugs and love, as it is all I can send from so far away.

        1. Jesi says:

          Thank you, Dawn. Your hugs are greatly appreciated as are the thoughts behind them. I so hope you are doing well.
          Yes, we’re struggling but there’s always a light in the distance, and it is getting closer. We just have to keep trudging towards it. We’re getting by each month and that’s a good thing. Spring should see a much better future for us.

          1. Dawn D says:

            I’m hanging in there too. Not so much financially (though the struggling is back), but most of all emotionally (I finally realised I suffer from PTSD. That was a big revelation, and I’m still trying to fight the thing. At least, now I know what it is, I can fight it better!). It really felt like sh*t kept piling onto the prevous sh*t over the past few months. It looks like things may begin to clear, and I’m hoping it’s the new trend my life will follow for the coming year 😉
            More hugs sent your way then! XO

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