So Done With The Hate

Human Ribbons

By Jesi Scott


Colors everywhere-

Pick one, pick two, pick a rainbow…

Why not?

Show your colors for the world to see

That you’re in unison, that you agree,

That your voice is one of thousands

Who uphold the same views,

The same perceptions,

The same realities…

Then mock those who choose a different color than you,

“unfriend” those who choose to walk a different path

Or have different opinions

Because they don’t have the right to their own thoughts,

Their own morals, their own decisions, their own voices-

They are wrong.

We must all be the same,

all agree with the “right” ideas,

never disagree or hold opposing standards-

We should no longer be individuals, be unique, be original-

Equality does not mean unity does not mean “we are all one together”-

This equality means “hate” means “division” means “everyone who disagrees with me is wrong”,

Which is why my ribbon is invisible, accepting of all colors all ideas all views and opinions,

All. Together. One

Human under the sun.