Snoopy Is Doing His Happy Dance!

Snoopy Is Doing His Happy Dance!

My eldest son is visiting for the weekend and on our drive home in rush hour traffic, he informed me, among college-decision updates, that he had joined his school’s writing club! He also asked me if he could bounce ideas off me as he needed to write a poem. Did you get that? Let me repeat it: HE NEEDED TO WRITE A POEM. Let that sit for a minute. I had to. I had to let the joy flow around and through me. We got home and he followed me into my room so he could use my workspace and he began throwing ideas at me and asking me what he should write, what themes, forms, etc.

I can’t even…

I am beside myself.

So, here is HIS poem, his FIRST voluntary poem. He is excited; I am excited. We are going to set up a blog for him this weekend and I am going to have a link to it once its running. Let him know what you think in the comments.

xo Jesi


The All-Sorrows Eve

By Infinite_Symphony (his online identity)

A bump in the night,

A screech in the dark,

A wave of cold,

That stops your heart.

One sharp cackle,

A raven’s cry,

A flutter of wings,

As it begins to fly.

These creatures of the night,

Walking ‘neath the stars,

Cry out in pain,

Bearing hidden scars.

They seek only friendship,

The comfort in sharing warmth,

On this “evilest” of nights,

Turned away from home and hearth.

You only see their faces,

As you lock and bar your doors,

Your misconceptions hurt them,

You care not for beings poor.

So listen and look closely,

For stories hidden and unseen,

And remember my story above all,

On this beautiful Halloween.

5 Replies to “Snoopy Is Doing His Happy Dance!”

    1. He says Thank you. But he is very pleased. He has done nothing but write since he got here. The second one is even better!

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