#RIP to the Gods


In memoriam

Heaven is filling up quickly.

xo Jesi

The Cry of Atlantis

By Jesi Scott


We’ve been left



surrounded by galaxies, distant on the horizon.

Once again, the gods are leaving us,

and there’s nothing to do but wait

for their return.

Somehow, it always comes to this:

life brings us joy, shows us the way to truth,

gives us real beauty,

and we fail to see, to know, to experience;

we distort and destroy.

We beg for help and gods to show us the path,

and they come, they teach their wisdom

-we marvel at their language in music, art, words, kindness, love-

We see their Light, and we shout:

“I believe! I believe, Praise your name, I believe!”

We dance in homage and throw roses along their pathways…

…until we drive them away with doubt and hate, with fear and corruption.


Where are your proclamations now? Where are the flowers?

The places they walked are littered with tar, with feathers;

bodies lie listless among the brown and disintegrating corpses.

Those of us who listened, believed, beg to go with them,

But they said “Stay. Teach.

Make a better place and we will make a haven for you,”

then they left us; they soared past the clouds, the polluted atmosphere, the hole in the ozone field,

Finding their way home among the stars.

So we stay, we teach (though most still do not learn),

we watch for their return.

And some of us…if we’re lucky…find our way home.