Raindrops On My Windowpane the Saturday He Died

beautiful-rain-quotes-pictures-4-bf1af54fMy Sunday is not going so well, though I’m not sure just when or where it began to metamorphose into what it is. Somehow the day turned into “a day”. Maybe I just didn’t get enough sleep, or maybe I’m just feeling caged in a bit. So, when I was finally able to sit down and tackle today’s poetry challenge, my heart really just wasn’t in it. The prompt is Raindrops on My Windowpane. We are supposed to free write for ten minutes on the subject of rain and use three of the following words:

melancholy        grass           damp     cloudy
drizzle                 somber         rainbow

I love rainy days. I love being in my warm, cosy home with the rain pouring down outside. And I’m a romantic, so the rain is always good for inspiring poetry. In fact, I have written often about rain-one of the poems can be found under my Body of Work tab currently (see Rain At Night). But, today…yeah, not feeling it so much, maybe because I’m feeling grey and cloudy myself. Still, I sat down and wrote something. As for the subject, it’s not really about the literal death of someone, though, the title is inspired by the death of my father last year. It was only after I wrote the poem that I recognized the same feelings of loss as that day. And I think it lends itself well to the title after all.

I really hope you are having a great Sunday, and can’t wait to see you in the comments. Pack an umbrella though. It looks like rain.

xo Jesi


The Saturday He Died

By Jessica Scott



the clouds

that appear in the sky,

conjured by my

somber heart.



the air

infused by the

tears falling

from my eyes.



the lightning,


like the scar

across my heart.



I am as empty

as the clouds after

the rain has drizzled

into the grass.