Prisoner of War

Prisoner of War

By Jesi Scott

Would that I could turn my anguish into clouds,

Then ask the wind to blow it away.

This pain tears, and rakes its claws through my tortured brain,

My skin cracked and bleeding,

My already once sewn-up heart ripped again at the seams.

And it’s more than I can bear,

Beaten and broken, I cower at your feet.

I cry mercy, please, what have I done?

Satiate yourself on my weakness-

I surrender-

Take your pleasure in knowing you win.


Oh god, I am not strong enough for this-

Anesthetize me so I don’t have to feel this torment;

Cloud my brain with an opiate haze of numbness

So I don’t have to think-

So I don’t have to ache-

So I don’t have to hear the lies-

So I don’t have to sew my heart up one more time-

For love should not make you feel this way

-you don’t destroy the one you love;

Love builds up, does not tear down,

Yet here I lie, warped and twisted, mangled,

Torn and bleeding on the ground-

My white flag stained vermillion,

And crushed under your boot.