Crumbling Bridges

Blank faces stare like blank pages waiting to be filled- empty; darkness upon the face of the deep. One big bang to fill a vast universe of mind and matter, and a paradoxical heart, both black hole and a thousand suns, all of it endlessly spinning, dizzily tipping, until we all fall down.

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Thought For the Day…

Replace the word “racism” with the word “culturism” (it doesn’t exist, by the way, but should). Would that change anything? What would it change if so? Would it make a difference in how society sees diversity? Think about it like this: if you couldn’t argue that “it’s in their blood” because culturism would say that […]

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Something To Think About Today

  The Homeless By Jessica Scott   North winds blow winter’s chill across a bleak and dreary landscape. Trees bereft of leaves bear small resemblance to their grand summer counterparts, looking more like stick figure apparitions with moaning countenances. Still, I love the cold and otherworldly beauty in the seeming death of nature. There’s hope […]


I’m Back…

Happy Blogiversary! Today marks three years since I began blogging. The last several months there’s not been any activity going on here on the blog due to some unforeseen technical problems involving my host server. After months going back and forth with them it looks like the problem was fixed and it turned out to […]