A Pause For Thought

Am I Still Real? By Jessica Scott   I’ve been wondering about this recently. Once my body has turned to ash and spread wherever it is I want to have the ashes cast, will I still exist or do I become some fictional   character my kids will tell their grandchildren about some day? I […]


For All of THOSE Type of Exes

Ex Doesn’t Mark This Spot By Jesi Scott   Don’t put your brand on me You have no right to stereotype what you don’t know. How can you judge a soul you’ve never seen, This convoluted perception that you bestow?   I’m not responsible for the pain in your heart Though blameless for someone else’s […]


Sometimes You Just Need A Reminder

Resharing a story I wrote a few years ago when I began writing again.  I sort of needed to remember the feeling of a finished project, and it’ll be new to all you darlings who haven’t read it yet. Enjoy! xo Jesi   The Sacrifice by Jessica Scott     It’s a simple scene. In […]


Is It Time To Build An Ark Yet?

If you haven’t heard, Texas is being pummeled with rain and storms. This is the most rain I can remember, and I’ve lived here all my life. Just to give you an idea, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor, last year at this time, more than 71 percent of Texas was classified as being in […]