Oh, The Irony…

Ok, Morgan, we need to have a little talk…

Day 3’s prompt…seriously? A shape poem? And to the subject of showing up? Well, ha! Do you see how late I am in getting this poem in today? It may have taken ALL DAMN DAY, but I showed up…finally. LOL

For real serious now…I really don’t like writing shape poems. I’m creative but I can’t draw (or figure out how to draw on my computer) to save my life. Now you know. Shape poems, my nemesis. Unfortunately, I have more than my fair share of determination so, while I may have procrastinated as long as I could, thanks to kids and a marching band competition, I did finally get something written on a subject I know *a little* something about-despair. It’s a little on my darker side but there’s always hope and light at the end of my tunnels, and I focus on that most of the time. But lately it has been hard to even show up, but I do it. Every day. And I get through, tarnished armor, heartache smile, and all.

xo Jesi

P.S. You know those Facebook posts that say something like “only 20% of people can read this” and then they post some picture of words written backwards or upside down? Only a small percentage of people will be able to read my poem without wanting to throw something at me. Try not to get a crick in your neck. Also, read it from the inside out.


Uncomfortably Numb 10-3-2015