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Oh, The Irony…

Ok, Morgan, we need to have a little talk…

Day 3’s prompt…seriously? A shape poem? And to the subject of showing up? Well, ha! Do you see how late I am in getting this poem in today? It may have taken ALL DAMN DAY, but I showed up…finally. LOL

For real serious now…I really don’t like writing shape poems. I’m creative but I can’t draw (or figure out how to draw on my computer) to save my life. Now you know. Shape poems, my nemesis. Unfortunately, I have more than my fair share of determination so, while I may have procrastinated as long as I could, thanks to kids and a marching band competition, I did finally get something written on a subject I know *a little* something about-despair. It’s a little on my darker side but there’s always hope and light at the end of my tunnels, and I focus on that most of the time. But lately it has been hard to even show up, but I do it. Every day. And I get through, tarnished armor, heartache smile, and all.

xo Jesi

P.S. You know those Facebook posts that say something like “only 20% of people can read this” and then they post some picture of words written backwards or upside down? Only a small percentage of people will be able to read my poem without wanting to throw something at me. Try not to get a crick in your neck. Also, read it from the inside out.


Uncomfortably Numb 10-3-2015

Jesi Scott is an aspiring writer of novels, a poet, and blogger. She has guest-blogged over at The Well-Tempered Bards, and has a post featured at For Love Of…. Jesi has two poems published in Memories of Mist, a literary anthology, and one published story in a newsletter. She is currently working on releasing her first poetry collection as well as writing her first novel. When not writing, Jesi can be found getting lost in bookstores, singing and dancing around the house, experiencing culture with friends, and generally having fun with her four sons when they aren’t driving her weeping into her closet, which she calls her Padded Cell. She loves to rescue stray bookmarks, as well as books, and has opened her heart to any and all stories needing a home. Archery is her current favorite thing ever but you might want to stand back a little as she still has a tendency to drop the bow occasionally.


  • Anna S

    Once I managed to read it (my eyes don’t work in spirals), I liked it. I think most of us can relate at one point or another…including the eye-crossed feeling induced by trying to read in spirals. πŸ˜‰

  • Morgan Dragonwillow

    Perfectly expressed, awesome job! Glad you were able to show up to the page. And remember, the prompts are only suggestions, you are free to write what and however you choose. But I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this.

    • Jesi

      I know they’re only suggestions. I’m just teasing you. I love the prompts and take them as a challenge because it helps me strengthen those weak areas…like shape poetry. LoL
      And I’m glad you liked it and that you showed up, too.

  • Dawn D

    See… you showed up on the shape poetry. I gave up right away, knew there was going to be no time!
    Good job! Well done as well, though I was tempted to read it from the outside in, giving an even worse impression of falling in! But as I said… I didn’t even show up completely for this challenge, so who am I to give advice? πŸ˜‰
    (and don’t worry, I’m one of the 20% of people, I can read upside down, sideways, when you change letters for numbers and so on πŸ˜‰ )
    Well done Jesi!
    (and your best is more than enough πŸ™‚ )

    • Jesi

      I’m so glad you got the idea of falling in! That’s what I was trying to convey with the spiral and black hole idea. And for the record, I’m part Irish so I’ve got a bit of that Maureen O’Hara stubbornness. Giving up was not an option. LoL

      • Dawn D

        I laughed at the Maureen O’Hara comment! I tended to be stubborn too. I gave up on that a lot, because I realised that I was expecting too much of myself. At times it was paralysing me (if it couldn’t be perfect, then I’d better not start it) and at times depressing when I didn’t achieve what I wished for and thought bad of myself. Yesterday, I knew that the time constraints were never going to allow me to work on the shape. So I decided not to even try it.
        You, however, did magnificently! I’m glad you persevered!

  • Cindy

    This is awesome, Jesi. So true. I’ve felt that way too.

    I also do not like shape poetry, but you, Milady, win today. I don’t know how you made that, but daymn! Please tell me, how you made it, so I can practice it on my next shape poem.

    • Jesi

      I have a fantastic computer guy who loves me lots. I have no idea how he did it. But I told him what I wanted and he made it happen.

    • Jesi

      You know what..never mind…I’m insane today…I thought I was responding to today’s poem, not yesterday’s. LOL
      Thanks. It wasn’t easy. There was a lot of effort between two people to get that spiral effect to work with the poem.

  • clothespeggedpat

    This was indeed initially a slight challenge to consider reading … at least your tip of starting inside out helped guide me – otherwise I might have been inclined to throw something at you and your computer guy who put it all together πŸ˜‰ something soft though – perhaps a feather pillow?

    I’m not a huge fan of shaped poetry – but sometimes it suits an idea of theme very well – and such is the case here. It is very effective.

    As for the despair – of not being ‘enough’ – we all experience it – especially when we have so much happening – but if “good enough” is simply not “enough” then let them be damned. Best is best – it’s a difficult lesson to learn and appreciate – as for showing up – even to scribble – well, it’s allowing the strength of the spark that rests in retreat in the spirit that needs to be flamed into life …. that and sometimes a healthy dose of stubbornness πŸ˜‰

    Great job πŸ™‚

    • Jesi

      LOL. I have the stubborness down.
      And thank you for these words. They’re awesome.
      I like reading shaped poetry because, as you said, it suits sometimes. But writing it can definitely be a challenge. Still, what doesn’t challenge me makes me weaker. I like challenges and am up for most anything. Well, at least in writing. πŸ˜‰

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