#OctPoWriMo Day 9-Love


It feels a bit odd to be writing a poem considering it was I who wrote the prompt for Day 9’s poem. Feels a bit surreal in a way. 🙂

Still, I wrote my poem this morning, and without even thinking about what had inspired me to write the prompt in the first place I titled my poem and made it about the inspiration anyway.  Serendipity strikes again.

Anyway, today’s poem is sugar sweet, a departure from my norm, and I hope it doesn’t give you a cavity.

Happy poeming!

<3 Jesi


Love Is…

By Jesi Scott

The relaxing bath after a long, hard day,

The warmth that chases the cold away.

The cool wind that blows ‘midst the summer heat,

The toe-tapping soul-dancing musical beat.


The cosy blanket we snuggle up in,

The jolt that sends us into a tailspin.

The light that shines and shows the rocks ahead,

The reason for spending the rainy day in bed.


The reason to hold someone close,

The reason your heart to expose.

The reason for my staying near

Is because love brought you and made you dear.