#OctPoWriMo Day 8-Moments of Madness

Catching up with Day 8’s prompt and I discovered that during one of my writing sessions over the summer I had the perfect poem already written and ready to post. How’s that for non-procrastination?

The prompt was Moments of Madness, and what could be more mad than Alice in Wonderland? Even with OctPoWriMo’s love theme my poem worked out because that’s exactly what my poem was about.

So here’s the deal about it: in the Tim Burton movies there is an undercurrent between Alice and the Mad Hatter, and it almost screams romance. However, that is not my take. I’ve always been more curious about the White Rabbit. He’s the one she follows and is the one who is more a constant all the way throughout the story. Or at least, that’s how I remember it. So, imagine a live action version where all of the characters are humans and not animals. In fact, think about Dr. Who: a girl follows a Time Lord (white rabbit) into a different kind of Wonderland, which includes a different sort of a chess game with another Time Lord who ends up as a woman at one point (a Queen of Hearts possibly?). Interesting, no? And apparently, I am more of a Whovian than I thought. Because a certain line got stuck in my head even though it’s been over a year since I watched any Dr. Who. An actor, a story, a line from a tv show, and a dream. Moment of madness indeed.

One note: do not really focus on the Dr. Who aspect. This is wholly about Alice and the White Rabbit.

Happy poeming!

<3 Jesi


Alice and the White Rabbit

By Jesi Scott



“Tick tock goes the clock,”

He said in my dream,

Then began a litany of names

That had been mine, it seems.


And all day long I wondered why.

What did it even mean?

“Tick tock goes the clock.”

What once was has been.


Then he stood behind my back

And brought his arms around.

“Tick tock goes the clock;

Now we two are bound.”


His voice was low in my ear,

His breath against my neck.

Tick tock goes the clock,

And I am held in check.


Heart-shaped chairs in a white room,

He asked which one I liked.

“Tick tock goes the clock.

Beware the tea is spiked.”


So we spin and spin again

Until our legs give out.

Tick tock goes the clock;

All else is left in doubt.


Still he holds me in his arms,

My dream is almost done.

Tick tock goes the clock.

Now the real fun has begun.


“Tick tock goes the clock,”

His voice in my head.

“Run, run fast as you can…

“Tick tock, tick tock,” he said.