#OctPoWriMo-Day 3: Insecurity

Insecurity is a subject I know quite a bit about. I think, perhaps, we all do. I’m sure the majority of us have felt insecure at some point in our lives, probably during our teenage years when we are most insecure of all.

Today’s prompt is to write about insecurity in love, being unsure and questioning everything. The suggested form is the Florette, an interesting and more structured, as well as more technical, form. There is a specific rhyme scheme and meter as well as adding an internal rhyme scheme on the fourth line which should echo the ending rhyme on line three. Sound confusing? It really isn’t; just a bit of managing words and syllables.

I wrote about the dangerous side of insecurity. When you’ve been in a relationship for awhile and it seems to be in a rut, or one partner grows bored or feels as if the other part of their duo isn’t interested anymore, insecurity does tend to rear its anxious head. That’s when trouble sometimes rises. When the person’s insecurity is high it can cause deep, and sometimes irreversible, issues, the kind you can’t get past. Many relationships end because of it. That’s where my writing went today.

Insecurity is insidious; it leaks into you when you least expect it. You must take care and keep yourself well guarded. Remember, you hold the power of your own certainty. Stay true to yourself and you cannot go wrong.

Happy poeming today. Please leave a comment below if you like my poem! Thanks.


<3 Jesi



By Jesi Scott


Another text, another call,

Another beat-my-head-on-wall.

I say I do, he says I don’t,

He cannot see, he won’t; he’s causing his own downfall.


So he holds on tightly; I can’t breathe,

The anger between us does seethe.

You can feel the coming of war,

Though I try to ignore fate’s warning and ensheathe


The sword, his insecurity,

He clearly drew in surety

Of my transgressions towards him.

The truth grows dim; love slips into obscurity.