#OctPoWriMo Day 2: Poems and Notes to You


Time for the next prompt!

Today it’s about notes or poems written to “you.” But who is “you”? Is it a general audience, or someone more specific? The choice was ours to decide. And we have our first poetic form. Yesterday’s was open form, or free verse, so it wasn’t really a technical form. Today we are to write with more structure: a tanka or cinquain (click either to go to a description link).

I wrote a tanka written with anyone in mind. (Note: it is NOT autobiographical.) I chose the tanka because I enjoy haiku (tanka is a cousin). I like the brevity and how it can pack a punch in a few short lines. I also liked how it emphasizes my words and gave that little extra to the overall feel. Sort of like when something unexpected (good or bad) takes your breath away and there’s that space of time in between, when everything stands still.

I hope you enjoy my poem and will leave a comment below if you do!

Happy poeming!

<3 Jesi

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Termination Notification

By Jesi Scott


Hastily scribbled,

His goodbye was four words long

-Short and to the point-


Breaking up is hard to do,

Or so all the sad songs say.