#OctPoWriMo Day 11-Falling Through the Cracks

When is it you know a relationship is not going to work out? How far in? Do you see it before a relationship even starts? Sometimes without even knowing it we let our imperfections show right from the very beginning. Sometimes we work to keep them hidden until we are comfortable enough and we start testing the waters, so to speak. And sometimes we get so far in and have accepted all the little signs that should have told us this was not going to work but we ignore it despite how unhappy we are. We try to fix it by changing ourselves to accommodate the problems. We let lots of things fall through the cracks and we hold on as hard as we can until we have no choice but to let go or be pushed off the ledge.

How many times have you told yourself you knew it was coming? With Day 11’s prompt I wrote about the inevitable. The suggested form was a Cascade.

Happy poeming!

<3 Jesi



Manifest Destiny

By Jesi Scott



We mark the hours knowing

The sell-by date is coming.

We ignore the imperfections.


So what’s the use in complaining?

The future is already accepted;

We mark the hours knowing.


Little things we let slip through,

Those hairline fractures that mar the surface say

The sell-by date is coming.


Still we try to hold on to keep from breaking;

We glue the pieces back together while

We ignore the imperfections.