#OctPoWriMo Day 10-Dancing On Air

I apologize for not posting and keeping up with the poetry challenge as well as I should. Life has interfered, as usual, and I have been called away to deal with a sick little boy and then to catch whatever it is he had. It’s left me fatigued and exhausted as he was unable to sleep most nights due to coughing attacks and needed medicine in the middle of the night. But he’s back to almost 100% now and hopefully I will be on the mend soon. I do feel well enough to post my Day 10 poem for the prompt Dancing On Air.

I don’t think that one needs any explanation. The suggested form was a Con-Verse, a rhyming syllabic-metered poem.

Hope you are all well and enjoying nice autumn weather.

<3 Jesi



By Jesi Scott



One-two-three, one-two-three, one…

Just like that it has begun.


One small glance in each direction,

Euphoria-laced confection.


Suddenly, we have become obsessed

And walk around like one now possessed


Having drunk ambrosia from Love’s own cup

And feasted with Joy: now we offer up


That which belongs to Delight and Ecstasy.

We dance together in pleasure, breathlessly,


Soaring among the clouds -with rapture we are crowned-

Until once again our feet touch upon the ground.