Never Have I Ever! Have You?

Never Have I Ever! Have You?


Shall We Play A Game

By Jessica Scott


Never have I ever

Heard a word so true

As the lies that, from his lips,

Fell like morning dew.


Never have I ever

Seen a light so bright

That from his eyes shined to hide

The shadows of his spite.


Never have I ever

Felt so far from smart

As the day I let him enter

My scarred but mended heart.


Never have I ever

Felt so much betrayed

As the day I realized

Love was only a charade.

13 Replies to “Never Have I Ever! Have You?”

    1. 🙂
      This is actually just a passing commentary and perspective on celebrities and their fans. LoL That kind of “love” is shady and unrealistic.

      1. Is that the same as the “I Have Never” drinking game? (Person says “I have never had sex with a duck”… anyone who has done that, has to drink… (and then leave pretty quickly)… it’s a cruel way of either exposing secrets that you know about friends, or fishing for dirt on others!)

        1. That is the exact game. 😉
          Just with my little tongue in cheek to celebrity relationships and how seriously fans take them.

    1. ROFL! No, this is not the same guy. This is actually a perspective on celebrity relationships and their fans. I just can’t come right out and name names but let’s just say the correlation between “fan” and “fanatic” is alive and well in literal translation.

    1. Thank you, my dear! People are scary, especially when they get too caught up in rumors and such. I think we all go through it. 🙂

  1. I love the writing. But, like Al, feel obliged to say no, love had nothing to do with this. Love is not a charade.
    If we heard more about the true kind of love, maybe our children would know what proper love is, and know what to look for in a relationship? (says the woman deeply in love but hiding it from the world! 😉 )

    Oh, and I like the new look too. Easier to find the ‘previous’ button to go to the previous post!


    1. I just get tired of all the bs being thrown out into the public for publicity’s sake so celebrities can become richer and more famous. As a society it’s very telling about just how low one’s integrity can go once they are in the public’s line of vision. Be it a politician trying to get some policy/idea pushed through or a celebrity trying to convince people they’re someone they really not behind the curtains. Or bedroom door. 😉
      I don’t believe love is a charade but I think people like to play games and delude either themselves or others that they mean it when they really don’t. It’s sad but I have seen it often. Or maybe I’m just becoming too cynical the older I get. And what’s this about “being deeply in love”? I really am behind. lol
      And thank you about the new look. Happy accident I say. And I never noticed that the previous button was harder to see. You’re right, though. It is easier to see now. 😉

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