NaNoWriMo Update


Time for a NaNo update.

If you look over to your right in my sidebar you should notice a NaNo word count widget. Do you see it? There’s a number in it. I have written about 12, 606 words to date. I’ll be honest. That number does not count the words that I’ve written and deleted. Those are the words that get to stay. By today I should have around 18k words but the weekend really messed with my numbers. But, 12k is nothing to sneeze at. I just need to buckle down now, focus on the story, and write. And you’d think that would be easy, but no. Even when you sit your butt down in the chair sometimes the words take a while to come. And when you are a mom with four boys, right when the words are flowing, you begin to be interrupted every ten minutes. The good news is that I am writing. The break Saturday, which I didn’t mean to take but did anyway, did some good. It gave my brain a rest, and I was able to come up with some new chapter ideas.

How many chapters I have right now: Four. I have the ending chapter, a beginning chapter which will be reworked and possibly switched to a different place, and two tower scene chapters so far. There will be a third tower scene chapter which will lead into the ending chapter. But it’s wrapping up that whole scene and finally introducing the actual villain.

Goals this week: Get caught up with my daily word count goals. I’m not too far off. If I can get 2000-2500 words written per day I can catch up within a few days. I wrote 1800 last night so it’s not impossible, and I could have kept going but sleep is important to me. So, it won out. Another goal is to finish the tower scenes completely. One chapter is done, and the second is halfway complete. I need to finish it and then begin and complete the last one. Then I can write the chapter leading into the ending.

Music I’m listening to while writing: Anything and everything actually. I am using Spotify to create the book’s playlist which I listen to sometimes, but mostly I’m just letting Pandora shuffle through my stations. And, I can tell when Draco has hijacked Pandora because I get a lot of rock like Icon For Hire, Finger Eleven, Incubus, Fireflight, Sick Puppies, Halestorm. He especially likes Halestorm. I think he has a crush on Lzzy Hale. Annalise just rolls her eyes. She’s listening to Mutemath, Imogen Heap, Delerium, Passenger, Mumford and Sons, Bon Iver, and Ben Howard. It keeps her calm.

Things I’m doing when I am not writing and need a break: Sleeping. Reading Lovesick Blues, a biography of Hank Williams by Paul Hemphill, and I just borrowed Rooms by Lauren Oliver from the library. Because of Amber. (She’s a troublemaker I’m telling you.) Catching up on laundry, or at least trying to. Blogging. Trying to remember I like my cats, although I have seriously had thoughts about life without cat hair all over the place and what it would be like to sleep at night without having one sleeping on me.

Caffeine intake: Way too much to admit to my doctor that I’ve had, although it’s been hot tea and one cup of hot chocolate.

There ya go, fellow Lunatics. My Nano update. Now I’m off to go spend some time in the tower. Sigh. I’ll be glad when I get out of there.

xo Jesi