My Vacation Update

Hey everyone! Believe it or not but I am still alive, just barely. I am having a really good time so far here in the Windy City, and right now we are waiting for Laura’s ex to return her kids so we can go to dinner. So, I thought I’d try and get a post out today since I’ve missed two days.

Here’s what I’ve been doing. Friday night Laura took me out to a fantastic Greek restaurant, and then we went to a pub (The Lion’s Head) and had drinks and got caught up on each other’s lives. Then we went to the cabaret she wanted to go to, and that was hilarious! And she is totally going to pay for it. She definitely won’t live it down.

Saturday we did a .5 sprint yesterday down at the beach and met some of Laura’s co-workers and friends-Hi Heidi and Brenda, and everyone else whose names I cannot remember!(*smiling*) Afterwards we went to lunch at the Wilde Bar and Restaurant. It was a really great place whose them was Oscar Wilde. I was thrilled and enchanted by this. There were pictures of him on the walls, and it was decorated with vintage chandeliers and light fixtures. The food was good, and at one point I noticed this alcove tucked away towards the back. Then we walked probably about nine miles altogether through the city. I love architecture. I love looking at old buildings so this thrilled me to no end. We walked past Wrigley Field (omg! Wrigley Field-even I know Wrigley Field), and past all these lovely old homes. Some have been renovated and are absolutely gorgeous. I’m afraid I couldn’t help touching some of the old office buildings. The energy coming off of them was just amazing, and I had to physically touch them. The stories those buildings could tell. They were just wonderful. And the details!!! The iron work, the stone work, and the etchings I saw. You don’t see things like that back home in Dallas.

Today I was actually able to participate in the Color Run. I didn’t think I’d get to but in a wonderful plot twist I was able to join. We didn’t run it as I got a little too much sun yesterday and haven’t been feeling all that well the past 24 hours. But it was fun just the same. Here’s a pic:

Tomorrow we are going on a tour of Wrigley Field which will be awesome and then lunch at my favorite restaurant here The Italian Village. I cannot wait. My mouth is literally watering at the thought of Shrimp Alfredo. Yum! Then, back to Laura’s at some point to pack up and head home. And I am exhausted! (*laughing*) I am going to need a couple of days to rest and recover from this trip I am sure.

But, it’s been a blast. I love Chicago. It would be really easy to live here, and I completely understand the attraction. I miss home and mostly I miss my kids and my bed. It’s always nice to get away for a bit but it definitely makes you realize how much you love the people in your life.

Tomorrow’s Muse will probably be postponed to Tuesday but it’s all good. I hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend. Until Tuesday, Lunatics!

xo Jesi