My Partner in (writing) Crime

One of my kids ended up catching something over the weekend and it is passing quickly through the house now. I had to keep two kids home from school yesterday and today, and I woke up this morning with a wobbly stomach. So, this post is going to be super short so I can focus on staying still. For some reason, dizziness is accompanying this and I do not like being dizzy.

Since I am feeling a little unstable I thought I’d post a poem I wrote back during the October Poetry Challenge (OctPoWriMo). I have a partner who climbs up into my arms every morning while I’m checking email, reading blogs, and trying to get a little written. Her name is Ava and she’s a 9 month old tabby cat. Her parents were rescues. She had an infection when she was about 4 weeks old which resulted in her left eye being partially covered by membrane. She doesn’t have any problems with her vision, though. She has become my designated writing partner. I may have to give her credit when my book is finished since she’s been present every time I work on it. Even if it is just laying on my arm making it almost impossible to type. So, one morning I wrote a poem just for her, and am sharing it with you today. Hope you enjoy it.

Have a great Tuesday!

xo Jesi



The Poetโ€™s Companion

By Jessica Scott


She rests her head upon my arm

which makes it almost impossible to type

but itโ€™s even more impossible to move her

away when she took the time to come


and look for me, her bonded, adopted mother.

She breathes slow and deep, her head

lowering until her nose touches the table

which we both are using, her as a bed,


and I, as a desk from which I can drink my tea

and look out the window while trying to think of

something to write on the blank page open on my screen.

Every morning begins this way, with her following


me until I settle into this same spot,

which is her favorite place once I am ready

to begin to write, her warm, compact body

curled up between my arms as I type.