Monday’s Muse: Tower Scene Excerpt from Witch Queen

Hi, Lunatics! How are you on this really windy Monday? It’s windy here anyway. So, how was your weekend? Mine was full and busy, and I am really glad it’s over. Here’s the synopsis of my weekend:

Friday: Senior Night with Sean. It was fun and Sean was a gentleman to his mother. He gave me  his arm and pulled my hand through it to escort me onto the field. I honestly have no idea where he learned that from, but it thrilled me to no end. I have one pic I can put up here and am working on getting my own copies so I may have more later. This one is a little blurry. The others should be better. And yes, that is my ex in the picture.


Saturday: Spent the day with my niece, Emerald. We talked, went for tea, and to the bookstore where I FINALLY got the last book I needed to complete my Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony. I had to leave my original series with my ex when I left. Mostly because he owned half of them and I couldn’t bear to see it split up. I knew I’d be able to replace them but I wanted the original covers so it’s taken me a while to find all of them. Sixteen years to be exact. But it’s done. Yay! Then, Em left and went back to Denton where she lives and I went out to see the high school’s closing performance of Grease. The high school version is pretty different from the movie. Obviously, it has to be. But it was still adorable and cute, and I had so much fun!

Sunday: I slept. A Lot. I have no idea why I was as tired as I was. I felt completely jet lagged and I haven’t flown anywhere. When I finally was able to get up and move around, I showered and got dressed to attend a band parent/volunteer dinner for the high school band.

I have to tell you. I am GLAD the weekend is over. I enjoy doing things and going out, but this weekend I just wanted to stay home and rest and write. I didn’t get any writing done Saturday. At all. I got a little done Friday, and then some more last night. Today I am spending as much time as possible with the tower scene, getting it finished up. I have it split now into two chapters. The first tower chapter is done, although it needs a lot of editing. I’m working on the second tower chapter now, and I had an idea for an opening chapter. So, I have an idea of where I’m going now, and am thoroughly enjoying myself. Not sure how long that will continue.

With this in mind I have an excerpt for you from the first tower scene. No poem today as I’ve been focusing on the book. But I hope you like the excerpt, and I’ll try to have a new poem later this week. And remember, everything I put up here is in rough form with very little editing. Have a great Monday everyone!

xo Jesi


Raven 3

In the Tower (excerpt)

Alex’s thoughts retreated to a small space in my head. I looked around the wall again. There may not look to be any guards but they could be glamoured to appear missing. I closed my eyes, breathed deeply a few times, and then concentrated on drawing in just enough power to be able to see through any invisibility spells that could have been on the door. I opened my eyes and scanned the area. There was nothing. The doorway was empty.

There’s no one here, Alex. I’m going to try the door.

Uh, Anna?



Be quiet, Alex!


I walked up the last steps to the door and tried the handle. Of course, it was locked. It would have been asking too much to hope that the enemy was that stupid.

Door’s locked. I’m going to have to spell it open. I felt Alex give a mental nod.

Go ahead. Be my guest. But, there’s really…

Shut up, Alex!

Don’t say I didn’t try to warn you.

He was grinning, I could tell. But what it was he found amusing was beyond me. I breathed in deeply again. Unlocking doors wasn’t hard. But I didn’t know if this one might have a trap on it. I decided to act as if it did. I began to cast the spell to detect traps when I felt a slight breeze touch the sides of my face. A hand clapped over my mouth while an arm grabbed me around my waist and turned me around. I was shoved against the cold stones of the wall, the hand on my mouth moving to my throat. The arm from my waist was now across my chest, forcing me harder into the wall. I looked at my captor. Emerald eyes stared down into mine as recognition registered on the half-elf’s face.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Draco hissed. I twisted in his grip, aware of his arm across my chest. He transferred his hands to my arms and held me against the wall, fury evident in his voice.

“Rescuing my family, no thanks to you! Or at least I was before you grabbed me and scared the hell out of me,” I responded.

“You should be scared, you stupid girl! You should have done exactly what I told you to do and stayed with Vasya. And lower your voice. Do you want to bring the entire castle to us?” he snarled.

“Like they can hear me from here! Last I looked they were having a party in the main hall,” I snapped.

“Oh, except for the guards along the wall, the gate, walking the perimeter of the courtyard, and outside the wall.” Draco let go of me and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “And what did you think you would do once you got inside to Alex? Did it occur to you that someone could be hiding behind a glamour? Or that the room could be spelled to notify someone that there was an intruder?”

I clenched my nails into my hands. Draco knew how to get under my skin better than Alex. “Of course, it occurred to me,” I seethed. “I’m not stupid, Draco. Why do you think I was about to cast? I was being careful. So, don’t treat me like I’m an idiot!”

The Cheshire cat could never pull off Draco’s smile. It didn’t seem to matter whether he was smiling at something funny or not. That smile was deadly. I hated it. Especially when he smiled the way he was now, like I’d just said something incredibly obvious and he was about to point it out.

“No, you’re not an idiot. Just a reckless, foolish human girl.” His disdain was evident. And Alex thought I had enjoyed kissing him? Like hell I had.

Methinks the lady doth protest too much. Alex chimed in. Draco’s gaze flickered for a moment. I wasn’t positive but I thought Alex was now projecting his thoughts to both the half-elf and me.

Shut up, Alex! I was going to kill both him and Draco once we got out of here. And I’d relish every minute of it.

“Reckless am I? Who was the one who went off without telling anyone where he was going? That would be Alex. And who was the one who got himself trapped by his own spell and had to be rescued by the ‘reckless, foolish human girl’?” I could feel my anger like a fever burning my skin. Power started to build inside me. My eyes were probably beginning to glow. “Oh yeah…that was you. I may be foolish and human, but I am NOT reckless!”

This is getting good. Pass the popcorn.

Shut up, Alex!

Draco closed the space between us. He towered over me but his height couldn’t intimidate me. His eyes were green flames, and I could feel power beginning to build in him as well. “You are the most infuriating female it has ever been my displeasure to know!” he spit out. “You need a lesson in manners, my Lady.” Acid dripped from the title.

I drew myself up to my full height and stared daggers back at him. “And who’s going to teach me. You? And just how do you think you will accomplish that?” The air was electric with energy.

Uh, guys?

SHUT UP, ALEX! Draco and I thought in unison. I focused entirely on Draco, not giving an inch to his emerald gaze. He put one hand on the wall next to my head, and leaned in closer to my face.  His scent filled my nose and made me want to breathe in deep. But I ignored the urge. He captured a lock of my hair and curled it around the fingers of his free hand. If anyone had come upon us, we might look like lovers. Unfortunately, the look in Draco’s eyes would have told a different story. It should have scared me, except it didn’t.

“There are ways, Anna, of teaching children to be respectful to their elders.” His voice, full of fury only a moment ago, was now soft and seductive, though no less deadly. His fingers played with the lock of my hair as he brought it to his nose. He closed his eyes and breathed in my scent. Then he opened his eyes and pulled slowly on the lock of hair until I began to feel it tighten. He pulled harder until I had no choice but to bring my face closer to his. Green eyes glared into blue. “But you, Princess, are no child. And there are ways of making an adult woman learn respect as well.” His lips were almost upon mine. I could feel his breath like a fingertip caressing my lips. My heart was pounding in my chest, and I was certain Draco’s was as well.  “Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be worth the time or effort.” He stepped away from me and cold air hit my face, along with the meaning of his last statement.

“You bastard! How dare you talk to me like that!” I raised my hands as gold light outlined the edges. Draco stood his ground, arms across his chest, waiting to see if I would really go through with the threat from my hands. I was furious and he knew it. But he was also aware of the danger I would bring if I cast a strong spell.


“What?” Draco and I hissed in unison and turned to look at the door.

Are you done flirting with each other? If so, then you might want to get in here and look out the window. Because we’re about to have company.

And with that, Draco and I let go of the power and faced the door. Draco’s hand was on the handle before I could reach it.

“Wait! What if it’s spelled?” I exclaimed. Draco smiled, amused.

“It just so happens that it is…by me,” he said. “I enchanted it to warn me of anyone trying to get into the room while I was away. All they had to do was just touch the handle.”

“Oh,” I said. “So that’s why you grabbed me.” The Cheshire cat smile lit his face.

“Obviously,” he replied, and opened the door.