Message From A Poem

Blogging A to Z Challenge: letter M

NaPoWriMo: A poem that addresses itself or some aspect of itself.

I’m not sure if I met the prompt’s guidelines but I feel I covered the IDEA of the prompt. Hope you like it. I wrote a Minute Poem, a 12-line poem consisting of 60 syllables in STRICT iambic pentameter. There are 3 stanzas formatted ย into 8/4/4 syllables per line. Yes, I know. Here I am complaining about Sapphic poetry and iambic meter and there I am CHOOSING to write in iambic meter. But, I think I may have it figured out after that Sapphic poem. Anyway, this one was easy. My M word is Message and Minute, hence why I chose the Minute Poem.

xo Jesi


Message From A Poem

By Jessica Scott


My heart I give to you in verse;

My love, the words

I bleed in ink.


My soul becomes the book you read;

Some leaves are torn

And some are blank.


But I will be here when youโ€™ve gone,

Your name Iโ€™ll keep

Engraved in stone.