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Jesi Kay

Jesi Kay, poet and aspiring novelist, was born in the Texas panhandle where wide skies, lazy summer days, and rolling thunderstorms sparked her imagination and left lasting memories in her blood. An early reader, poetry and mythology were her passions. So much so that when she was ten years old her step-father gave her his college mythology textbooks to read, which were full of classic poetry and more than enough tales to fill her romantic and inquisitive nature. Jesi loves reading, art, going to the theater, the romanticism of the Victorian era (but not the missing conveniences of indoor plumbing and central air conditioning), running when the heat and humidity cooperate, and cold weather so she can wear her favorite boots and knitwear. Also, she still has those college mythology textbooks, a little worse for wear over time but still intact and telling their stories to her. Jesi is a contributor at The Well Tempered Bards blog and at

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12 Responses

  1. “…you are enough…” Yes, yes you are. Thank you for sharing this moment in your life. Sending you lots of love, light, and hugs. Peace to you.

    Thanks for sharing with OctPoWrimo.

  2. Rod E. Kok says:

    Ah, Jessica. I’ve already expressed how I felt when I read these, but I will express it here as well. I told you that I hoped you would not make me cry, and then I said DAMMIT!!. I cannot express myself properly, but these poems really hit me hard. Maybe because on some level, they brought me back in time. But I am so happy that you wrote these, and proud of you for being strong enough to share this brilliant work. The poetry world is a little bit better now, with these words in our heads. Hugs to you, dear poet. Dear friend. Stay strong.

    • Jessica says:

      Thank you, Rod. This one was harder than any other. For me, this prompt, which shouldn’t have been such a challenge, was my Achilles’ heel. I just had the hardest time with it. My life is such right now that half the time I feel as if someone has overturned the snowglobe and I am waiting for things to fall into place. Some things I can see where they are going, but others, ones I thought i knew where they would land, are still cartwheeling. I’m in flux and waiting to flow.

  3. Rod E. Kok says:

    Oh, two other things. First, your quote from Sierra Boggess is inspiring. I love her to pieces, and that quote has inspired me to many words. Second, thanks for the shoutout. And no, my hand is not raised (anymore) {wink wink}.

    • Jessica says:

      When I was looking for pictures today to go with these poems I saw that one and knew I had to put it in. It was almost exactly what you said about your wife a week or so ago. If I ever am able to I want to begin a movement called Enough. You are enough. Everyone is enough, and we need to begin to change the way we see each other. Because none of it matters but the person inside. The rest is window dressing. 🙂
      I saw your hand raised…like Horschach from Welcome Back Kotter. LOL

  4. Fida says:

    I need to check out that song. It’s a beautiful moment when a song, the universe speaks specifically to you. Thank you so much for sharing this story and your amazing poetry!

    • Jessica says:

      Thank you. It was a definite universe moment, and I’ve had several in the past 11 months. I am learning to listen when it speaks, for it is usually important. 🙂

  5. lrconsiderer says:

    I’m sad for your heart and for the aching places in your soul where things have been jangled and haven’t yet been made whole, but they will – they will again because life has silver linings, and in the end, you have known love and you know love still, and in a hundred different ways, the different loves will fill the gaps between the pieces in the cracks of what you knew, and somehow, some way, it all will be renewed.

    • Jessica says:

      Thank you, Lizzi. I appreciate that sooo much. I have known love, do know love, and will know it again, just maybe in a different form. Love never really dies. It’s like the Phoenix. It lives, it dies, and is reborn.

      P.S. You’re a poet,aren’t you? Couldn’t tell, you know.;-)

      • lrconsiderer says:

        *grins* :p Sometimes really good poetry inspires me to respond in kind. It just happens.

        And yes – in spite of everything, whatever those everythings may be, there is STILL good, and there is still love. You will be reborn into the next evolution of yourself, and will face the challenges and be changed by them, hopefully, in the end, for Good.

  6. cjswriting says:

    Very powerful – “let the waves come” I love that.

    You are strong and I know you can get through the storm.

    Your poetry is a gift you share with us & I am proud of you for sharing this even when it is hard.


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