Love Her As She Is

I know this amazing woman who has the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen. She says she has alien eyes but I think they’re rather gorgeous. And she has a voice that’s like warm honey. Sometimes, I don’t think she realizes how deeply her words touch people, and how, even in her dark moments, she still shines like a star. Because Lizzi calls her Sunset I’ve begun to think of her that way. Her spirit reminds me of the color of the sky as it turns from red to coral to pink to blue to indigo to ink. I don’t think you can pick one color out from her vibrant personality. She makes me smile, and I can’t wait to meet her someday. I was reading something completely unrelated when her face popped into my thoughts and distracted me from reading. And then came the words and I had to write them down.

Hasty, this is for you.

xoxoxoxoxo Jesi



By Jesi Scott


Listen to her words

Hear what she has to say,

Revel in the sound of her voice,

But take note of what she will not speak of.



Listen to her sighs,

Feel the weight of them.

Take them in your hand and

Release them to the sky.


Listen to her thoughts,

See what she holds within.

The mysteries of the universe

Lie just behind her eyes.


Listen to her soul,

Understand the true nature of her beauty.

She cannot hide her light,

Though she tries to hold back her dark.


Listen to her words,

Read between her lines,

Hold her close and wipe her tears,

But love her as she is.