Loop De Loop

Loop De Loop

Seriously? Loop poetry AGAIN? Anyone else feel like we’re running around in circles? *badum tish*

Le sigh…fine. Here you go. I’m not doing it again.


xo Jesi



A Little Tongue in Cheek

By Jesi Scott


What can I do?

Do what I must.

Must I really write this,

this loop poetry I distrust?


They gave me an out,

out throw a line,

skip one in between

between verses, but I decline.


Make it harder, bring it on,

On throughout the day,

Day grows longer.

Longer lines? No way.


It reminds me of a Blitz somehow,

Somehow I’m still rhyming,

Rhyming the day away,

Away, because off is my timing.


And so I think I’ll go now,

Now that this is done,

Done like dinn-ah,

Dinn-ah think this loop poetry is fun.

10 Replies to “Loop De Loop”

  1. Boom! You’re back in the writing zone
    Zone-ing out and far from home
    Home where the heart is meant to be
    Be what you feel like, don’t you see?

    See the pretty ladies there
    There with flowers in their hair
    Hair of the dog from the night before
    Before you know it, you’re back on the floor

    Floored by the rhythm, the bass and the drop
    Drop your shit like you know it’s hot
    Hot like summer and wet like rain
    Rain-bow’s over and spinning again

    Again you see me, again you don’t
    Don’t you think? Because you won’t
    Won’t like the thing I’ve come to say
    Say what you want: I’m done, anyway…

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