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Life Goes On

Hello, my Darlings.

Life throws you into a spin every now and then, and right now it’s my turn to be thrown off the merry-go-round. The last two weeks have been busier than I wanted them to be and will continue to be busy until after June 6th. There have been band concerts and school activities for all the kids, and, of course, my birthday thrown in the middle. There are still band concerts to attend and at least one more band banquet, which will make three weekends in a row I’ve had the opportunity to really dress up for an occasion. Then, graduation for Big Son. All of that going on, and Life decided to throw the stop on the ride right in the middle of the mess.

You see, this past Friday, I lost my ex-sister-in-law. It was sudden and unexpected and I’m still trying to accept it. I’m floating back and forth between sadness and what the f**k. Her death was one of those preventable ones, the ones where it could have been prevented with just a little care and concern for one’s own health. And what bothers me the most is why the hell in this digital age no one in her family checked her social media sites to see what was going on…for two days. And so, for two days she suffered in pain. Not that I’m really blaming the family. I’m just angry at the situation and I know there really was nothing anyone could do. I’m mad that she died. I’m mad that Big Son lost one of the only other females in his life who he was close to. And I’m mad that I lost my friend. My ex-sister-in-law and I were close during the marriage and we remained in contact after the divorce. Big Son was her favorite person in the whole world and she doted on him from the day he was born until she passed Friday night.

Honestly, I think it was the suddenness that has thrown me for a loop. Her heart just stopped working after her condition stabilised. And now, my heart is cracked just a bit. It will heal; it always heals. But the scar this one leaves will be a long one.

I am dusting off a poem I wrote earlier this year. I’ve posted it once before but now, it is more poignant to me than before. And once the hurt has passed away I will sit down and write something for a beautiful spirit that left a bright purple smile on many a person’s soul.

I love you, Terry. Rest in peace, my sister.


Second Chances

By Jessica Scott


Life is gone; the flower has bloomed and faded,

is withered, brown, and drying on the stalk.

Winter has sent it to its rest;

There is no spring coming to breathe new life into it.



But the seeds the flower created, hope in miniature,

They hold the promise of a brighter future,

Not for the one that died,

But for those who come after.

Jesi Kay
Jesi Kay, poet and aspiring novelist, was born in the Texas panhandle where wide skies, lazy summer days, and rolling thunderstorms sparked her imagination and left lasting memories in her blood. An early reader, poetry and mythology were her passions. So much so that when she was ten years old her step-father gave her his college mythology textbooks to read, which were full of classic poetry and more than enough tales to fill her romantic and inquisitive nature. Jesi loves reading, art, going to the theater, the romanticism of the Victorian era (but not the missing conveniences of indoor plumbing and central air conditioning), running when the heat and humidity cooperate, and cold weather so she can wear her favorite boots and knitwear. Also, she still has those college mythology textbooks, a little worse for wear over time but still intact and telling their stories to her. Jesi is a contributor at The Well Tempered Bards blog and at

9 Replies to “Life Goes On

  1. I am so sorry. I’m one of those people that tend to disappear from social media and I don’t give much thought about it. In an age when we can be connected all the time, it is difficult to balance life in the flesh and life on line. I’m sorry you lost your friend. May your grieving be a healing experience.

    1. Thank you Ken. I’m very much the same. I can take time away from everything. I go quiet. Every so often I just need to get away and recharge. But this time it wasn’t that reason though I wish it was.

  2. Oh Jesi I’m so sorry you lost such an important person from your life. That’s atrocious that no-one checked on her, and so sad 🙁 THIS is why we all need connections. Poor Big Son. I’m so sad for him, too 🙁 Your poem is beautiful but I’ve a feeling those positive last notes may take a while to feel. Take all the time you need <3

    1. Thanks Lizzi. I’m ok. I fluctuate between anger and sadness. I’m mostly concerned now for Big Son. They were very close. He is her sole heir. Everything goes to him. That’s how much she loved him. And he’s taking it hard.

      1. Of course he is 🙁 I wish there was anything which could make this better for all of you, but there just isn’t.

        Okay well maybe a tiny thing – I finished your birthday card and will be sending it tonight <3

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