Jess 1, Incline 0


I did it! I beat the hill today! Take that you pain in the arse! Ha! Beat me you can’t, not today! Maybe the rest I took yesterday helped because today I not only made it to the hill, I made it up it without having to push myself hard. I had mentally prepared myself for it, too, but I didn’t even need that. I got up that incline, and then, I continued in my set pace of run 2 minutes, walk for 1.5 minutes all the way home and then past it. I completed a 25 minute interval training run without feeling like I was going to drop, and I am pumped! I can’t believe I did it, but I did. So, tonight I am all smiles.

I had actually planned to write a post about persistance but when I got home I knew I was going to write about celebrating the little things. These little accomplishments mean so much, and it’s important to recognize them. It’s these small things that get us to the bigger things. A single thread helps create the larger tapestry. So these small accomplishments push us forward to gaining the bigger reward. For me, that’s getting me through my marathon. Yesterday, I was uncertain whether or not I’d be able to make it at all. Well, yesterday was a rough day all across the board but I struggled mostly with my confidence. (See? Small days lead to a drop in confidence like I said.) Today, though, I felt sure I’d be able to get through the run completely with the pace I had set. And I did. I am so proud of that. It was worth it. And the best thing was that, once I got up that hill, I never even felt any pain. My joy at getting up the hill without struggling was so great that there was no pain after that. Isn’t that something?

I have a goal now for the coming weeks. I plan on running for two days, then resting for one, and repeating this over and over until Run Day. On the days I don’t run, I plan on working on my upper body and some strength training, as well as cardio. I plan on sitting down and creating a schedule for my days to see if I can also add some yoga in there as well. I think that will help.

This Sunday will also be my second meeting with the writer’s group. I’m really looking forward to it, and afterwards meeting up with my new friend, CJ (Hi CJ!). Things in my life may be less than perfect right now but I’m celebrating the little things that are going well. Think about what’s going good for you currently. No matter whether it’s something little or something big, you should be celebrating it. Think about it. Smile as big as you can about it. Be proud of a small thing you’ve accomplished. Then raise the bar, and go do it again.