It’s On!

It’s On!


Alright you guys…I did it. I signed up for OctPoWriMo this year. Last year I was simply burned out and going through a mess and just didn’t have the heart or strength to deal with writing anything for 30 days. I still have a mess going but at least it’s manageable. Therefore, a challenge is just what I need to get the ink flowing in my veins again.

If you DO NOT have a private blog you can sign up here:

If you DO have a private blog (Dawn, I’m looking at you. LoL), you can participate by either joining the Poets on the Page Facebook group, or check back here for each day’s prompt.

Make sure to read the basic rules. Also, it used to be stated but isn’t now so just to remind everyone who participates that we should read and comment on at least three other poet’s sites. I think it used to be five but I can’t remember for certain.

Anyway, I am looking forward to another OctPoWriMo and hope you will join in for some great poetry and maybe make a new friend or two!

Have a great Tuesday!

<3 Jesi

2 Replies to “It’s On!”

  1. Ha! I only see this NOW!
    Well, I post on Morgan’s site “A Writer’s Universe”. I’ve managed to write a poem every day, almost always on prompt too. Fancy that!

    I haven’t been able to do the reading much this year. Happy already I get time to write. Life’s been more than crazy! But I’m heading there now… 🙂

    1. Honestly, you are doing so much better than I have been if you’ve managed to stay caught up. My site crashed three days before and I’ve only just managed to get it back up and running. So no writing for me this year. Sigh. Oh well. I have managed to get some Christmas presents made though. LoL

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