It’s Not Fair!!!

I don’t know why but it feels like this summer has decided to just be a communication nightmare. It’s like the heat seems to have fried all communication circuits and killed the motherboard. Plus, all new motherboards are back-ordered and it’ll be months before the new ones will ship. Ugh.

I hate communication breakdowns. Even worse I hate when it’s done deliberately. You know, like when you are talking to someone who decides to twist what you’re saying into something you don’t mean or never said. My ex used to do this. We’d be talking and then he’d decide to challenge something I said because he didn’t agree with it, and suddenly we were in an argument about something completely stupid that could have been avoided if either of us had been more clear or asked for clarification.

Isn’t that the way it almost always goes?

Why is it so hard to be clear? As someone who uses words all the time I still fail when it comes to trying to communicate. And even if I am being clear, someone will STILL use my words against me to prove their *rightness* and my lack of intelligence. And, maybe it’s bragging, but I do like to think I’m a little above normal in the intelligence departement. I’m not an intellectual by any means, but I do have a good grasp on life in general and I enjoy good conversations. And when you get me started on subjects I’m passionate about, I think I can hold my own. But, for some reason, my words are taken a piece here, a piece there, and smashed into some new, twisted version that I don’t even recognize. And then I’m told I said it. Well, on one hand, yes I did…if you take each piece separately. But that’s not what I’m being ‘told’ I said. I’m supposed to have said all of it, including the twisted version. Now I’m hurt and confused and in tears, you’re offended and feeling righteously aggrieved and smug because you won your point (cheating doesn’t make you a winner), and I’m the one apologizing for making you feel bad. Tell me, how is this right?

JarethI wonder if this is what it was like after the mass confusion at the Tower of Babel. Can you imagine the communication breakdown there? One minute you’re talking with your best friend and laughing at something and the next you can’t understand a thing the other one is saying and a fight breaks out. Sounds familiar. No wonder we can’t all get along. We’re still fighting over miscommunications.

I can’t even begin to tell you the number of arguments I’ve already had to quell between my kids this summer. It seems I wake up to yelling and arguments and go to bed with it still ringing in my ears. If it’s not about who gets to watch what, it’s about who has to help clean up. Yeah, I know…kids. I remember. But, geez…I would like it to stop long enough so I can actually appreciate the peace.

Unfortunately, it’s not just my kids who have had a breakdown with their communication processors. I’m on edge, too, and I’ve noticed it all over the place so far. And usually, it’s not the kids. I’ve been seeing adults having hissed arguments, or not so hissed, when I go out. I think we all just need a cold blast of air to cool us all off, and those motherboards need to get here.


Until then…maybe some meditation would help.

xo Jesi



By Jesi Scott


Everything you are is me,

Everything I am is you,

I am one with you-

We are harmony

We are light

We are love

I seek out your universe

And honor it within you

Father-mother, sister-brother

Yin and yang