It’s Elemental, My Dear Sherlock

It’s Elemental, My Dear Sherlock

I have no excuses for posting late today. I procrastinated quite deliberately. I’ve sort of had the doldrums the past few days and I managed to work myself out of them by getting out of the house, away from the kids, and going to go see The Martian. (Go see that, it’s good. One of the funnest soundtracks, in my opinion.) I only just finished my poem for today’s poetry prompt, which is to write about the elements. I’m not going to say anything about the inspiration behind it; suffice it to say that this time, I’d rather the poem keep its mystery. I think that’s part of its beauty. Hope you enjoy it.

And by the way, can I just say for the record that this is the second time this week I’ve written a poem on one of the prompts and then the next day find that the subject for THAT day’s prompt fits my poem from the day before. Dont’ think I’m not paying attention. 😉

Talk about serendipity…

Hope you have a great weekend!

xo Jesi

P.S. Happy Birthday, Big Son! Hope it was better than you thought.



By Jesi Scott


Earth kissed me…

and spring dawned with meadows full

of fragrant flowers, trees with

leaves newly unfurled among blossoms of white.

Then came the rains,

and all was washed away overnight.


Fire touched me…

warmed, I basked in the heat

of sun-baked days and sultry-sparked nights,

passion ignited and flared, I came undone.

But I danced too close to the flames-

and I was left as I’d begun.


Water healed me…

A cooling touch of liquid silver caressed my scars,

and I floated on misty beams of the moon river,

my brokenness streamed with light;

Too soon, though, came the flood,

and I was washed away in the night.


Air saved me…

lifted me into a lapis heaven and laid me gently

down on cotton-puff clouds, soft breezes breathed me

into being again, and given wings I soar, I fly.

And when the winds blow and gust

I glide, and the elements defy.

16 Replies to “It’s Elemental, My Dear Sherlock”

  1. This is really good 🙂 I love poems which keep something back…

    Must check out The Martian, too. I managed to read two “grown-up” books this summer, and that was one of them! Was the soundtrack full of disco?

    1. Yes! So much disco. It was awesome! And I still remember my mom and step-dad going dancing when I was very young.
      I have the book but haven’t read or yet. I’m at a point where I watch the movie first and then read then book. That way the movie isn’t spoiled for me. And it’s like getting extra surprises when I read the book.

  2. Fire in my heart, I never knew could flare
    Travelled ‘cross the skies and lifted through the air
    Water from my eyes, pouring, cos I care
    Too much Earth between us, my heart forever there…

        1. There’s a Facebook group for October specifically for those people who don’t have blogs or who would rather do it through facebook. ☺

            1. Oh, honey…I’m not trying to push you. I’m just glad you’re finding your way. You need to heal and take as long as you need to do it.

                    1. I would love to, especially because I’d like to meet Samara. But most of all because you’d be there. ☺

  3. This was spectacular!

    I loved the flow …. the cycles within the cycles of the elements …. birth, death, re-birth …. and the language …. simply perfect …. with lines so generous – the last stanza – particularly moving – strength in rebirth – the coming back from something so damaging, living with the scars, but not marked by them … flying free – and when things are too tough … being able to catch the stream and just glide …. super!

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