In Which I Wish I Had A Pensieve

pensieveI have been trying to write all morning. I’m working on The Faerie’s Tale, which I have now renamed The Witch’s Tale (by the way, the title will probably change often-you have been warned). I have been typing away for two hours now. I have two-thirds of a page written. That’s it. Today’s writing has been like pulling splinters out of my brain. I am almost literally pulling the words out of my brain. If I could draw I’d have a sketch of myself with my hands on a word trying to pull a whole sentence out of my head with this look of consternation on my face. That would be one scene. The next would see me hammering the sentence onto a piece of paper, and the last scene would show me with my head on the table on top of the paper and crying. Hemingway would be proud of me because today I am bleeding. Some days are just like that. You have to work for every letter.

What I’d really like to do is go out in my backyard and lie on my hammock and doze under this gorgeous sky we have today. The weather is nice, and the temperature is fantastic. My favorite kind of day. But, I have a blanket drying on my hammock because it’s big enough to hold it, so that’s ruled out. And, I promised myself I’d try to get 2ooo words written today on my story. I can guarantee that by the time I reach my word count (I have 443 currently) I will have earned the break. This is painful.

At one point during this whole process, I thought of Dumbledore’s pensieve. Oh my gosh, wouldn’t it be fantastic to have that? To be able to pull your thoughts out and see them clearly? It’d give you a different perspective, wouldn’t it? Galadriel’s Mirror was more of a crystal ball, but Dumbledore’s allowed you to pull your thoughts out, tap them into a bowl of water (or something liquid), view them, then keep them in a glass bottle to peruse in the future. Wouldn’t that be great? Here, let’s pull out the memory from the Christmas you got the bike you had been wanting, and then we can store it in this bottle and look at it any time you want to. Plus, bonus! You clear out room for new memories and thoughts. Just remember not to drop the bottles or else you lose the memory. Gives a new meaning to organizing your thoughts, eh? (Thanks Canada, useful little word that-wink)



Every writer should have one. Absolutely. We could pull out the whole story and type what we see. It would save SO MUCH TIME! Instead of us having to sit here and drag the stubborn words out with will power. Sheesh! Why hasn’t someone invented one yet?

Well, I’m going to go back to The Witch’s Tale (also known as The Marquis de Sade’s Current Torture Instrument) and try to get another 1600 plus words out. Wish me luck. I may need a shot of Jameson after this is all over.



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