I’m A Liar

I’m A Liar


By Jesi Scott


He calls me a liar,

Says I fabricate events to justify my reasoning…


I’ll not say he’s entirely wrong.


I am a liar

-fabrication is my job-

To create things that aren’t true.


To make you believe that I think your lips are roses,

Your eyes the stars above,

Your touch the softest silk against my skin,

And your voice deep and warm as a velvet summer night.


But it’s all lies, deceptions, fiction,

-I perjure myself every time I tell you-

Though I want it all to be true


when, really,

your lips are just lips

-I long to feel them on every inch of my skin-

your eyes are simply eyes

-I feel them staring at me even when in a crowded room-

your touch is only skin against my skin

-your heat warms the cold from my bones-

and your voice is the only one I want to hear in the depths of the night

-my birdsong at first light-


Yes, I am a liar…

and I’ll fill your soul with truth.

3 Replies to “I’m A Liar”

  1. Pondering as I read… Sometimes my lover’s mind lies to fill the gaps, those missing moments it can’t retrace across her days both near and far, an illness from another time.

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