I Was Here to Sabotage a Scene in a Coffee House Window

I know. I’m up late, but I can’t sleep. My mind won’t be quiet, so I thought I’d try to get some writing in while it’s quiet. But, well, I checked to see if the challenge for Day 21 had been posted yet, and it has. So, I worked on it and got it done. I’ll get back to writing after I get this post out.

Alright, today’s prompt is “I Was Here”. We’re supposed to write about leaving our mark on the world, literally and/or figuratively. How are we leaving our footprints/handprints, fingerprints on our world? I think this is a great prompt actually, because it’s what I’m trying to do by writing. I want my voice to be heard, not sure by who but by someone, anyone, who will listen. It’s why I began this blog in the first place. I wanted a place to practice writing and to get my voice out into the world. This is my rooftop, and I am shouting as loud as I can. I just hope someone is listening. I don’t have any particular message other than “I am here.” I want to spread beauty through the written word and to touch lives through my own experiences and feelings. I want to be someone’s inspiration, my words to be the Muse that encourages someone to reach for their dreams, or at the very least, to realize that they have a voice, too, and it needs to be heard. My piece for today’s challenge is titled The Poet’s Journey, and the extra poems are Sabotage and Scene in a Coffee House Window (and there is a play on the word Scene/Seen in a Coffee House Window. I liked the nuance). Have fun everyone!

xo Jesi

 The Poet’s JourneyI was here final

By Jessica Scott


My footprints leave a trail

As I walk down this path I am traveling on.

I have no idea where it will take me,

but it isn’t about the destination,

it’s about the journey.

And when I look back at the

Impressions in the dust,

I can see how far I’ve come.

I kept putting one foot in front of the other,

And already I’ve come so far,

Already I’ve climbed mountains.

I’ve still such a long way to go,

But I know, as sure as you are reading this,

I will get there.

And like the journey is leaving it’s mark upon me,

I am leaving my footprints across your heart.



By Jessica Scott


His smile is what unmakes me.

Undone. Destroyed. Obliterated.

Molecules and atoms disassemble,

Every time his face lights up.

But what really gets me is,

Just when I have put myself back together,

I try to make him smile again.



Scene In a Coffee House Window

By Jessica Scott


There they sit,

He and She,

At a table in the window of a coffee house open late,

Their hands wrapped around steaming cups.

A chill October wind blows through the streets,

Cartwheeling leaves along the sidewalks,

Causing passersby to clutch their coats closer to keep out the cold.

But here I stand across the street from the coffee house

Watching He and She.

I wonder who they are,

Maybe lovers meeting for a warm drink before a secret tryst,

Or are they married, out for an evening date reluctant to go home just yet?

Maybe they’re coworkers finishing the night shift,

Or perhaps they just met and he asked her if she wanted to get a drink with him

And he knows this place open late where they can talk.

Then, she puts her hand on his arm and he covers it with his,

They lean towards each other, and kiss.

I smile and continue on my way home.