I Look Really Good In Blue (Dye)!

I’m so sorry everyone. I missed yesterday’s Features. Things were really hectic yesterday in preparation for this morning and by the time I realized I had missed posting the Features, I was in bed and trying to get some sleep because I had to be up at 4:30 a.m. to get ready and leave for the run. But it was entirely worth everything I went through to do it. Although, I am sore and exhausted right now. I did get some pics but everything is going to have to wait until tomorrow when I can think pretty straight again. For now I do have this one pic from after I crossed the Finish Line:

1900202_10152358380825990_5806120741802413051_o (3)Some things I learned from today:

People can be completely awesome!

There are some people who like to ruin things for others-don’t let them get to you!

A run like this really needs to be run with a friend-Laura, I missed you today! Tracy, you could do this because you don’t have to run. Most people walked it.

Blue and purple powdered dye go straight through your clothes and shoes and socks and stains some really inconvenient areas of your body. I am laughing every time I raise my arms.

I look really good in blue dye. I wish I had gotten hit with green. I would make a really cute blue alien, though.

I can run 3/4 of 3.1 miles. Considering I only began running in February, I think this is pretty great.

You don’t even feel the pain in the last quarter mile because you know you are almost there!

Crossing that Finish Line is the awesomest feeling ever!

I love my dad more than I care about pain in my legs.

My kids are pretty great!

You don’t need to carry a phone with you to have fun!

The Color Run is the best thing ever!

I can run up a 20 degree incline hill (thanks to my nemesis The Hill) with no problems and I did this twice today!

I can’t wait for June when I run this in Chicago with Laura!

Argan oil gets most of the dye off.

There are some really cool boyfriends out there who ran with their girlfriends and kept pace with them even though you could tell they could have left them behind-you men are awesome!

To the one person in a wheelchair and the lady on the scooter-you are my new heroes!

People do NOT listen to instructions-walk on the right, runners on the left-everyone watch out for kids!

I can do whatever I want to do!

I will write more when I regain some kind of consciousness that doesn’t involve forcing myself to think straight. And I promise not to forget to do some sort of a feature for tomorrow. Just let me get some sleep and water and ibuprofen.

xo Jess