I Have A Confession


I am hanging my head in shame. I have been a lazy girl. I have not run since my 5k in April. Not once. At first it was because I pushed myself hard for the 5k run and needed some recovery time. But I haven’t put on my running shoes since that Saturday. Until today. Today I put them on and got out there and began my neighborhood route. And I got my butt kicked by the heat and humidity. At 10 a.m. Let me tell you, it was not pretty. I actually didn’t do too bad since I haven’t run at all for over a month. I made it almost to the bottom of The Hill. But there was no way I was getting up that incline. I was heaving and gasping in the heat so much that it was all I could do to keep on my feet. So, I am going to begin getting up in the mornings before the heat really hits and run then. I’ve made a promise to myself to do that. And at some point I’ll work on acclimating to the heat.

3613036Now, I can hear you asking about the countdown button on my sidebar. Guess what. I missed the sign-up date. It was completely sold out by the time I was able to get signed up. I’m really sad about that because it is such a fun thing to do, and I know I wouldn’t have skipped running if I had been able to sign up. But that’s ok. I am going to be running in Chicago in another run, although this one will just be a sprint. Then, when I get back there will be no more excuses. I will get out and run every day. I owe that to myself.

On to the next bit of information. Friday I will be leaving to spend the weekend in Chicago. I will be back late Monday night. This means there may not be any posts while I am away. I intend to have lots of fun and check out several new experiences, including going to a cabaret. I am not sure how Laura even came up with that one but why not. I will at least have a story to tell when I get back I am sure. Definitely getting out of the comfort zone there. As for tomorrow’s post, I intend to do Friday’s Features tomorrow. I’ve skipped a couple of them the last few weeks, and I don’t want to miss this one despite being away from home. Plus, I’ve been reading some books from the library and have discovered a couple of poems and poets I am really enjoying, and I will be highlighting these the next few weeks.

You see, the problem with most anthologies is that they consist mostly of male poets. There’s the few women like Plath and Dickinson, Browning and Rosetti. But there are so many wonderful women poets that write stunning works, and they get ignored by a typically male dominated area. I’m not trying to be sexist. If you go pull out a large poetry anthology you can look in the Contents and count the ratio of male to female poets yourself. It’s just a fact. I don’t think it’s right, but until there is a determined conjoined effort to change the thinking and really see women as equals (and an invaluable asset in experience) in this area, women will still be overlooked where poetry is concerned. We are already beginning to see some change, thank you Ms. Angelou, but there is still a long way to go. This does not stop me from writing my own poetry, nor does it kill the hope and desire I have to see my name listed next to someone as incredible as Ms. Angelou in some anthology down the way. We are living, again, in a great age of change and rebirth. Women have this ability to see the past, the present, and the future from unique perspectives that men cannot see from. We hold all of it within us as the memory-holders, the life-givers, the love-teachers, and our voices should be listened to with the respect we are due in holding the past, present, and future in our souls. If you are a woman, don’t stop writing, don’t stop singing, don’t stop dancing. Change is coming, in fact it is happening. Don’t let your voice drown in the tide. Learn to swim, and sing louder.

So, for the next few weeks I will be spotlighting some amazing women poets. Also, if you know of any that you love, please feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email. I would love to hear from you!

xo Jes