I Found My Words



Lizzi needs to read something beautiful, which is ironic because for the last week I have been trying to find the words to write something just for her. It turns out, she had the words I’d lost and kept them safe.

While this may not be beautiful, I hope I turned some of the pain I’ve read about the last few weeks into something a little less traumatic. Each stanza is a person, imperfect and exquisite.

xo Jesi


Write Me Something Beautiful

By Jessica Scott



“Write me something beautiful,” she said.

So I looked for inspiration

And found…


The soft flames of coral light endeavoring to make it through

the surfeit of grey clouds and chill wind suppressing the warmth

from the day…Radiant beams break forth and illuminate the sky before

yawning and heading to bed to regain strength for another day.


A tree tall and strong, velvet green leaves unfurled and waving,

in a whispering glade, it’s trunk twisted by winds and breezes

into awkward shapes, distorted forms, and still…it’s canopy towers high,

it’s shape majestic, branches supported by the tangled, curled branches of

other gnarled trees around it.


A sunset red rock balancing precariously on top of another desert rock

with fierce winds,  water slowly filling the chasm, the threatening flood

drowning the barren soil…yet there it balances, the perfect ballerina en pointe,

surrounded by the profusion of paintbrushes, fairy dusters, and blazing stars

after the water recedes.


A single glass bottle adrift on a turbulent sea, no land in sight,

no boats, only the endless ocean in which to sink or swim but…

there are dolphins and whales for companions and a bright silver moon

shining the pathway to the hand and heart of the one who needs

the message written inside.


I turned and looked at her,

At the gold lines binding the jagged edges of her scarred heart together.

I took up my pen and paper…


And wrote her name.