I Don’t Even Believe It

Okay you guys, I may be completely crazy. Although, in my own defense I got volunteered and then told I had volunteered after the fact. Normally, this would bother the heck out of me. I don’t like people volunteering me for things without checking with me first. I mean, I really don’t like having the choice taken out of my hands. You don’t know my schedule, and did it even occur to you to at least text me and give me a heads up that this would be happening so I could check my calendar? But this time, I’m letting it go. Why?

Because it’s for this:

RunWhiteBackI literally live half a mile away from one of the two main high schools in my area. It’s Trinity High School and if any of you keep up with high school football then maybe you have heard of them. It’s one of the best high schools in the area and their football team is pretty well-known. They even garnered attention from Nike who designed and gave them the team uniforms they currently wear. My eldest son attended this school his sophomore year (10th grade, not sure what the equivalent would be overseas-maybe 4th years?) which was last school season. He’s a junior this year. He was in the marching band and they rely heavily on parental involvement and support. This year they are volunteering at this event and somehow I was volunteered to run in it. I have no idea if I am running the 5k version or the 10k version, and I’m praying it isn’t the 10k.  Again, I wasn’t asked if I wanted to participate, I was volunteered then told I was running in it. Thanks guys. Really.

Actually, I’m honored, if somewhat flabbergasted. I love this high school. They have a program where once a month they have community members-professionals and leaders-come in and give a class in being a part of a community and what that means. Leadership qualities are discussed as well as any subjects relevant to kids in today’s society such as drinking, sex, drugs, bullying, etc. It is a  great program and my son really enjoyed these classes. Plus, the drop-out rate as of three years ago was 1%, and this is a highly diverse, multicultural school. Most of the other high schools in the area have drop-out rate of 3% and higher. There are no lockers in the buildings anywhere as it is set up to resemble a mini college campus. Books are either kept in classes (most of them) or carried by the kids on an as needed basis. It would be nice if the school board for our ISD (independent school district) would look into providing the kids with tablets with the books already downloaded on them the way one nearby ISD already has done.

This run is a fundraiser to help provide backpacks and school supplies for those financially disadvantaged families with students in the ISD. Normally, we have fundraisers for those kids in elementary (primary) school. This run is specifically to help junior high and high school kids. And I think that is awesome. Most of the time these kids are the forgotten ones. Yeah, I don’t have a problem being volunteered for this run, especially as I know some of the kids this would be helping. I’m glad I will be able to do my own part in it.

This brings up the fact that I now have a run for the next three consecutive months. Gods help me! I am going to be one tired woman, but I should have some killer calves!  I can guarantee that I never foresaw this development coming. Yet, I am grinning from ear to ear at how life works in the oddest ways. More impossibilities to turn into possibilities, and goals reached. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Here are some links to find out more about this run:

6 Stones and what they are about

6 Stones Run For Hope-the actual page for the run

In other news I received my Race Day email for The Color Run one week from this Saturday! I saw it and immediately got butterflies in my stomach. It’s completely official! I will be picking up my run packet next Friday and then the run is Saturday. I have to be there bright and early at 6 a.m. for sign-in, and then the run begins at 8 a.m. If anyone in the area wants to be there, please come. I’ve been hearing it’s a lot of fun, for both the spectators and the runners. You can even buy packets of the powdered dye and participate in throwing it. BUT, you need to understand that NO ONE leaves clean. If you take cameras make sure they are protected from the dust. But it will be a blast! It will be held at the Dallas Fair Parks area which is where the Texas State Fair is held every October. I know it well. We go every year and this will be absolutely incredible to do there. I can barely wait. This began with me wanting to do something to change my life, to get myself out of the rut I was in, and to somehow prove to myself that my dad had every reason to be proud of me, that I had reason to be proud of myself. This was the very first goal I wanted to achieve. I have worked hard for three months. I have gone out in the coldest weather we’ve had. I’ve been in pain every single day. I have thought about how easy it would be to quit, and I didn’t. I have kept going, even when it was hard. I’ve had some setbacks but I’ve pushed through them, mostly through sheer determination, though most would call it stubborness. Determination, stubborness, doggedness, I guess it depends on the situation or perspective. I see it as the first step in reaching my dreams, and reaching your dreams requires no small amount of determination, or stubborness, or whatever you want to call it. I have gotten this far, and next Saturday I will achieve the very first goal I have set for myself. It’s a small thing, true, but again, it’s all about your perspective. Because next Saturday, when I cross that finish line, I will not be seeing it as a small thing. It will be a very big thing. I will have done one impossible thing on my list!

And just to give an update: yesterday I was able to complete 2 of my 12 minute repeat runs consecutively. It wasn’t three but I am giving myself props for the two. Tomorrow I start the 2 15-minute run intervals and I can tell  you, these may not be so bad because at the end of both the 12-minute runs I found I could still run a little further. It was when I stopped running for my minute walk that did me in. I would go out and run today but the weather has finally decided to show up. We’re under our first tornado watch of the year and a dangerous thunderstorm watch as well. Always fun. Tonight I will not be writing either as I am exhausted from a very long day, but I have plans on catching up on reading and a movie so my night is set. Hope you guys are all safe and sound, and having a really great Thorsday! (sorry, couldn’t resist!)