Hell May Be About To Break Loose

Hell May Be About To Break Loose

ignoranceI am giving you fair warning…do not come to me in chosen ignorance and say something completely inane/asinine today. I promise, you really don’t want to do that. My morning has not been the best it could be. And I can actually see how what is bothering me today led up to it. Ignorance is pissing me off, and has been for several days now. So, you get a total and complete rant.


It takes a lot to get to this point. One of the biggest things you can do to begin with is say something that you think is funny about some trend or something along those lines. For instance…a lot of parents have bumper stickers that say “My kid is an honor student at” and then the name of the school the kid/s attend. I see them everywhere. I don’t actually have one because so what? My kids know they’re smart, I know they’re smart, and we’re happy in our quiet knowledge. Besides, I’m not exactly a bumper sticker person. (Unless you can find me a COEXIST sticker where the letters are all the sci-fi spaceships-I REALLY want one of those!) But I’m so happy that you are proud of your kids…that’s REALLY awesome. Truly. I’m not being sarcastic. I think it’s great. But I also know there are A LOT of smart kids these days. So, when I drive behind someone who has a bumper sticker that says “My dog is smarter than your honor student” it does make me grin. I do have a sense of humor and I’m not so sensitive that I don’t get that it’s a jab at the whole “honor student” bumper sticker thing. But, I also know that someone out there is going to take offense. And, yes, you knew it as well when you bought the thing even if that may not have been your primary reason for purchasing it.(Or maybe it was. How should I know? I wasn’t there at the time.) Yes, there are smart dogs out there, but no, your dog really isn’t smarter than an honor student. Rationalisation should kick in and send that to the delete bin in our consciousness and we should move forward and ignore any negative feelings. It’s not worth it, right? Unfortunately, it got pushed to the recycle bin somehow and has been sitting there in the back of someone’s subconscious waiting for another incident. And that would be the second thing that added another straw to the camel’s back.


The second biggest thing one can do is to regurgitate what someone else has said without checking the facts and taking their OPINION as the law of the land. For example: when your 4th grader comes in and asks what “GT” stands for in an academic sense. You explain to your child that it means “Gifted and Talented Education” and you ask why they are wanting to know. He/She tells you that someone in their class told them that they were GT material. As a parent, you think what a nice thing that was to say about your child. And then your other child, your older child, chimes in with “My teachers say GT is just a place for lazy students who don’t want to do their work.” Said child was actually a GT student as well so you are slightly confused as to WHY he is saying that, especially after your younger child was feeling very pleased about the compliment they didn’t realize they had received. Having been a GT student yourself (though it was called GATE back then) you are fully aware at how much work goes into one of those classes. The kids in those classes work harder, have more complicated work, and have weighted grades. Yes, the grades are worth more, but the work is also scored harder than a ‘regular’ grade. There is more work that receives a “test” grade which is an even heavier grade. Lazy? No, GT kids are anything but lazy. And the fact that TEACHERS (!) said this and are passing that kind of ludicrous ignorance along to other kids?!?! Mama hen’s feathers are beginning to ruffle.


The third, and ultimate last straw, is to take advantage of someone else’s supposed or sincere ignorance to manipulate a system to receive certain “accomodations” by omitting details of a situation that will potentially affect the rest of someone’s life. For example: when you send paperwork home with one’s child for “testing” purposes so that this child may receive “special accomodations” when taking a state-forced generalized test. Said paperwork says psychological testing and has the areas for you to sign brightly highlighted with added post-it notes to show the parent where to sign. Now, maybe you thought you could slip this one past the parent, and many parents in their sincere ignorance and busy lives have fallen prey to the effortlessness of signing everything their kid brings home without reading it first. Ah, but this parent isn’t so ignorant, nor so busy that they cannot take the time to read every page of the paperwork. When they do they find that what you are really testing for is something you never said you were testing for, nor even told them your child would be tested for, a test that would drastically change your child’s life, and go on his school record and follow him throughout life. Not only that but it would cause people to change the way they see your child forever…even if you allowed your child to take the test and it was discovered he/she did not have the problem you are testing for. The parent is also aware of ‘special funding’ that allows certain areas to receive financial aid for certain types of children and the parent is completely knowledgeable about certain fraudulent practices that happen. Such as using ONE aspect of your child’s behavior to say the child has a certain disability even though there are NO OTHER SIGNS of said disability, and the CHILD’S PEDIATRICIAN agrees. Your ignorance of the parent’s ignorance level is completely laughable. Even if you meant well, conscientious stupidty is a dangerous thing. (See quote by Martin Luther King, jr.) You see…Mama Hen questions things that do not make sense. And she’s not afraid to come after you to protect her child. Plus, she knows some really good lawyers and isn’t afraid to use them. You really don’t want to mess with her.


Now take your bloody ignorance and go receive some freaking knowledge! Try a library-they have free internet you can use.(See what I did there? You’re already on the internet if you are reading this…geez!)

xo Mama Hen




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        1. Those damn demons are going around. I am really about to open the gates of hell and let some REAL demons out…and the district isn’t going to like them monsters.

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