Head, Meet Desk…

Holy son of a motherless goat! No, oh heck no. I am NOT doing this prompt again. I had to write an Abecedarian (ABC Darian) poem this April past, and it was not my favorite thing to write.


Okay. You know what? I’ll put up the one I wrote in April and I’ll think about writing a new one today. IF, and that’s a really big “if”, I can get my brain wrapped around the notion of actually sitting down and pulling out a mental dictionary to write a decent abecedarian then I will. It may be posted late but I will try to consider a new one.

Good luck any of you who attempt this. Especially without pulling out an actual dictionary.

xo Jesi



By Jessica Scott





Breathes in guiltโ€™s shame,

Consuming it, changing it,

Determining a new path,

Eager to begin again.




Forgive me my trespasses, Father,

Grant me peace.

Hear my plea, oh Lord-

Incantations to a deity,

Judge and jury to spiritual infractions.

Karma is a bitch they say;

Lead us not into temptation.




Melodramatic mockery to

Negotiate the ransom for

Oneโ€™s immortal soul.

Pacify the gods,

Qualify the conditions;

Ramifications could be





Transformation of the soul

Unaccustomed to discipline,

Vague ideas of truth and morality.

Wander alone in a

Xenophobic condition,

Yearning for absolution, looking for

Zionโ€™s forgiveness.