Happy Celebrations!

Firstly, Happy Easter, everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day today. This day is a big one here at Chez Lunatic because we are celebrating two holidays: Easter and the Tornado’s 3rd Birthday. We’ve already had our egg hunt, dinner is in the crock pot cooking away, the cake is cooling so it can be frosted, and presents are hidden so the Tornado doesn’t make a mess before dinner. I think it’s pretty awesome to be celebrating his birthday today. He and I are the only two in our small family to have birthdays on holidays. (Mine falls on Mother’s Day (U.S.) every few years.)

Secondly, I’d like to apologize for the lack of posts the last two days. As I may have mentioned (or not-it’s been a long two days) I have cats. I’m not against dogs. I love dogs, too. I just happened to rescue two too many cats (Duchess Merry Berry & Pippin Monster) a couple of years ago, and then Duchess Merry had two kittens, Pixie Peril and Poppertop. Both Merry and Pixie had a litter of kittens each recently, Merry four weeks ago and Pixie one week ago. Unfortunately, when my older cat Becca (also known as Auntie Witch) busted her nose she somehow also caught some kind of cold or something. It was extremely contagious to the other cats. Pixie had it the worst, and I tried my best to save the kittens but I lost them one by one last week. I spent all day Friday trying to save the last one, bottle feeding it, keeping it warm, but it was just too little and too young. Yesterday morning it passed away. Now, Merry’s kittens who are older have contracted it but I was able to get them to the vet in time, so they are all on antibiotics and eye drops. The vet doesn’t know what it is so a broad spetrum antibiotic was prescribed and so far they seem to be doing okay. But I am exhausted from taking care of the babies, running after the Tornado, and getting preparations done for today. So, I apologize for missing Friday’s Features and will try to get a small featurette done tonight.

Pics from today so far: Easter ones (birthday pics will be later)

All four of my boys at home and getting along. You should be scared. I was.

From left to right: Jack (9), Ryan (3), Sean (17), and Lock (14). (Anyone get the Tom Clancy reference? Well, except Lock…family name-also, he’s my copy in male form. Creepy, but cuter.)

And, yes, I get people trying to figure out how old I was when I had Sean when they meet me. Apparently, I do not look my age. (Hint: I’ll become the answer to life, the universe, & everything on my next birthday-and I think that’s still pretty young.)

They loved their baskets, and even mom was visited by the Easter bunny:

Chocolate and almonds, mmm

I hope your Easter has been as good as ours. From Chez Lunatic, we wish you much love and happiness today and always!

xo Jess

P.S. We also wish you a very Merry Unbirthday to all of you NOT celebrating a birthday today.