Happy Accidents

So, I got my hands on a copy of Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman today. I’ll let you know what I think when I’m done.

Actually, it was kind of an accident I think. I had only just this weekend put my name on the hold list for this book and I know it’s a long list. Well, maybe it’s not as long as I thought because I got the email late last night that it was in and being held for me. Yay!

Happy accidents. I love them. They brighten up a gloomy day, and believe me, today it’s storming, literally and figuratively (Just hormones, nothing serious). I really needed something to cheer me up and that did it. So did realizing how I actually worked in the letter K blog challenge with my NaPoWriMo without realizing I had done it.

Today’s poetry challenge was to write a riddle poem. You know, like in The Hobbit when Bilbo and Gollum play the guessing game in the dark? Those were riddle poems. So, I’m thinking and thinking, trying to figure out what I’m going to do, when I look on the wall in front of me and I realize the answer is right there. There is an object on my wall and it became today’s riddle poem.

Crap, crap, crap! I forgot I need a K word. Wait. Oh. Yay!!! Happy accidents rock! Go me!

Can you guess what I have up on my wall?

xo Jesi


Riddle Poem

by Jessica Scott

Teeth I have but I donโ€™t bite;

Iโ€™m short, though I used to be heavy and long.

Cool to the touch unless Iโ€™m near fire,

You always miss me when Iโ€™m gone.