Goodbye, Dear Friend…

Quotation-William-Shakespeare-tragedy-day-time-Meetville-Quotes-211017Today I lost a friend. His name was Chris. He was a good man. He had been battling stage 4 colon cancer and this morning he lost the fight. He left behind his wife and 3 children. He was a dedicated father, husband, and friend. He tried to make this world a better place and I know that he did. He made me a better person when I knew him in school. He was one of those few boys I was able to talk to without shyness because he was just a friendly, talkative person. He was funny and sweet and I don’t think he knew a stranger. I am saddened by this loss since I know what his family must be going through, and my heart hurts for those little ones who will miss their Daddy.

Loss is such a sad thing. Sometimes, I don’t know how we manage to get through it, but we do. Maybe we don’t get through it well. We crumble, and feel like imploding inside. Maybe we hold it in, trying not to let it touch us. Yet, somehow we get through it. Because we must? Maybe. Because there’s just not any good choice? Surely. Our hearts continue beating and the sun goes on shining the next day and the day after that and so on.

In honor of Chris and his family, I offer up a poem I wrote years ago. I found it today and I hope it’s not inappropriate. When I wrote it, it was more of a love song to some unnamed idea/person. It was just something that I felt, though at the time I didn’t know why. Now I do. It was waiting for this day. Please send your thoughts, prayers, and blessings to this man’s family. It will only take a few moments to do. Thank you.



Wherever You Are

My love is with you

wherever you are.

It is in the stars above you,

enveloping you

like a warm blanket on a cold night.

It is the caress I send

reaching through time and space

to play your favorite song on the radio

knowing you’ll think of me

when you hear it.

It is the kiss I give you

in the warm touch of the sun

on your face,

and my laughter is the rain

as it falls around you.

It is in the very air you breathe

that gives you life.

My love is the guardian angel

that watches over you

and keeps you safe,

and is always near,

And my love will always be yours

Wherever you are.

©2014 Jessica Scott