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This last week has seen quite a lot going on around Chez Lunatic…well, maybe not a lot, but there have definitely been goings-on and stuff.

So, some newsy updates and stuff. Thanks to Lizzie, I entered into a poetry contest. A few weeks ago she sent me a link to The Poetry Nook. They offer a weekly poetry contest with prizes and she’s won an honorable mention twice. This is my second week participating. I won’t find out until next Wednesday (the 20th) whether I’ve placed somewhere in their lists but still, it’s a step in a direction for me that I haven’t taken yet.

Now, even though I didn’t even make honorable mention last week I still felt emboldened to enter a MUCH bigger contest over at Poetry Nation. This is a huge deal because they offer a bigger prize. Now, I’m not confident enough to think I could win it but there is a chance they might offer me an entry into their anthology, and that’s what I really care about. Being published somewhere would be a big boost for me. Currently, I’m considering submitting to other poetry anthologies and magazines but before I can do that I need to work on some new pieces for submission. Most probably will not be published online as many publications require non-published pieces, and that includes online blogs. But, the ones I don’t use for submissions I’ll put up. So, don’t worry if you don’t hear from me for a while. I’m still here.

Another thing that’s happened is the company I freelance for has changed the way they work with freelance writers. They now require us to go through Upworks, a site where businesses and freelancers can find each other for work. I’m new to this process so I’ll be learning the ropes this next week when my company goes live with it. What I’ve learned in the meantime, however, seems promising. I’ve already had one offer of an interview for writing blog articles, though I declined as I know nothing about the subject matter. But there are plenty of prospects and once I’m more familiar with Upworks’ process then I will look into other freelance jobs.

For now, I’m stepping outside my comfort zones and hoping for the best.

What’s going on in your world lately?

xo Jesi

Jesi Scott is an aspiring writer of novels, a poet, and blogger. She has guest-blogged over at The Well-Tempered Bards, and has a post featured at For Love Of…. Jesi has two poems published in Memories of Mist, a literary anthology, and one published story in a newsletter. She is currently working on releasing her first poetry collection as well as writing her first novel. When not writing, Jesi can be found getting lost in bookstores, singing and dancing around the house, experiencing culture with friends, and generally having fun with her four sons when they aren’t driving her weeping into her closet, which she calls her Padded Cell. She loves to rescue stray bookmarks, as well as books, and has opened her heart to any and all stories needing a home. Archery is her current favorite thing ever but you might want to stand back a little as she still has a tendency to drop the bow occasionally.


  • Lizzi

    Ohhh you’re doing BRILLIANTLY! Hey…how did you know I won twice? I only told one person that, I thought! I can’t ever find whether it says anything on the site cos I’m a bit thick. SO GLAD you entered. I did too. There are some really good ones this week!

    YAY for your other contest, and YAY for you learning new skills for work πŸ™‚

    For me? Well. All sorts of lows, but…as per my latest…all sorts of opportunities.

    • Jesi

      I found out by going into the forums and clicking on the contest and honorable mentions folders. LoL They list the winners there.
      I won’t find out if my entry on the one contest has been accepted for a few weeks but I’m hopeful. That contest actually runs through December so it’s going to take a while. But I’m not letting that stop me. I plan on looking up other contests and entering. Maybe if I enter enough I’ll win at least once. πŸ˜‰
      I’ve had lots of lows this week as well. But I just keep trudging on because it must get better at some point. πŸ™‚

      • Lizzi

        Ohhhh COOL! That’s what you get for looking around then! Well done you.

        I hope you get accepted! Very exciting stuff. And YES! Just KEEP TRYING!

        I hope your world gets better soon. It *should* get sparklier soon, at any rate <3

  • bobcabkings

    Well, if you keep plugging away, I’m sure you’ll win something and eventually get published. You’re that good. Beyond the comfort zone is sort of like coloring outside the lines, and you already do that well. Best luck.

    • Jesi

      Thank you!!!! I never thought I was a coloring outside the box kind of person but I’ve been trying to crawl out of the box for the last three years. And I’m so grateful you think I’m good enough to get published. I hope I am. But, WHEN I do become published I’ll know who was always on my support team encouraging me. Thanks for being in my vanguard.

  • Al Lane

    That’s great news that you’ve started entering contests… I’ve been a fan of yours for a while, so hopefully the judges will agree with me on that! Fingers crossed for you x

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